Saturday, July 1, 2017

Smith DNA

     Some of the family may not know we have done two DNA test for my Smith family line. Both my Dad and his sister have taken the test in the hopes we would find more Smith relative and finally make some advances on our family tree.  I have found some new relatives from my aunt's test and some new information I will be sharing in the future.
     My dad's test was a Y-DNA test submitted ten years ago.  This test strictly for father to son.  Any match we get on that test is on Grandpa Garfield to William to Ben and so on.  This test has connected us to Anderson  Smith , born abt 1800 in Virginia and died  1890 in Scott Co., TN and to William Smith, birth unknown died 1761 in. Essex Co., VA.
      A bit of ancient history is that he was a haplogroup group J.  The first J2-M172 haplogroup originated 25,000 years ago in West Asia and moved east during the Bronze age.

  "Haplogroup J-M172 is found at highest frequencies in the northern Middle East, west of the Zagros Mountains in Iran, to the Mediterrean Sea. It later spread throughout central Asia and south into India. J-M172 is tightly associated with the expansion of agriculture, which began about 10,000 years ago. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry, this lineage is found at substantial frequencies within Jewish populations."
      Our  ancient grandfathers did not go with this larger migration to the middle east , they pushed on to colder climate north and east most likely searching for better farm land.

      My Aunt has taken the more recent DNA test thru Ancestry.  It is testing both parents background and we have made a few connections with it, though mostly on Grandma Meeks side.  It is all very interesting.

      Here is her Ancestry report  I have to say before you read this, the understanding of DNA is still evolving so changes could occur in ten more years that would add or remove information we have now.

Europe 100%
    Great Britain 76%
     Europe West 11%
     Ireland 7%

     Scandinavia 2% (Low Confidence Region)
     Finland/Northwest Russia 2%
     Europe East 1%

Other Regions Tested
Iberian Peninsula 0%
Italy/Greece 0%
America 0%
Native American 0%
Pacific Islander 0%
Other Regions Tested
Melanesia 0%
Polynesia 0%
West Asia 0%
Caucasus 0%
Middle East 0%

 Once Settled in the Colonies this is how the family migration appears to have occurred
Genetic Communities™
Early Settlers of the Lower Midwest & Virginia Connection: Likely
Early Settlers of Eastern Kentucky & Northeast Tennessee Connection: Possible
Settlers of the Ozarks & Middle Tennessee Connection: Possible
Early Settlers of South Central Appalachia Connection: Possible

Update MY HERITAGE site has broken her ethnicity down this way
North and West Europe
North and West European
Irish, Scottish, and Welsh
South Europe

This is a sibling of mine -half dad's Smith line- taken at 23 and Me
European 99.7%
    Northwestern European 99.5%
       British & Irish 69.3%
       French & German 7.4%
       Scandinavian 2.1%
   Broadly Northwestern European 20.7%
   Broadly European 0.2%
Sub-Saharan African 0.3%
  Broadly Sub-Saharan African 0.3%
East Asian & Native American < 0.1%
   Native American < 0.1%
    Unassigned < 0.1%

I will say they have the best report to read all about  the different areas and timelines.