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Family DNA

  I manage DNA test for my family tree.  Here is a comparison between companies as to how they breakdown the ethnic percentages.   Using the DNA kit for family tree verification is very helpful,  but for ethnic history it falls into the entertainment only category.

 #1 Smith  @ Ancestry           #1 Smith @ FTDNA       #1 Smith @ MyHeritageDNA
Great Britain 76%               British Isles 31%             English  41.8%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales 7%           --                           Irish/Scottish/Welsh  4.9%
Scandinavia 2%                 Scandinavia  24%             Scandinavian   19.0%
Europe West 11%             West/Central Europe 46%   North /West Europe 25.8%
Finland/NW Russia 2%     Finland  0%                            --
     --                                   Iberia   0%                      South Europe/ Iberia  8.5%
Europe East 1%                East Europe  0%                                --
European Jewish < 1%             --                                                 --

#2 Turner @ Ancestry         Turner @ FTDNA          Turner at MyHeritage DNA
                                  British Isles  97%                 North/West Europe 79.4%
                                 Scandinavia  0%                            Scandinavian  33.7%
                                                                                      Irish/Scottish/Welsh  24.3%
                                                                                      English  21.4%
                              Southeast Europe  0%                    South Europe  14.6%
                                Iberia 0%                                        Iberian  9.9%
                                                                                       Greek  4.7%
                                East Europe  0%                        East Europe  6.0%
                                                                                       Balkan  6.0%
                             North Africa  < 2%
                             South Central Africa< 1%
                             West Middle East  < 1%
                             Oceania  < 1%

Smith Turner child @ 23andMe
European 99.6%
    Northwestern European  99.4%
        British & Irish 52.1%
        French & German 29.8%
        Scandinavian 3.1%
        Broadly Northwestern European 14.4%
        Broadly European 0.2%
Sub-Saharan African  0.3%  *see note 1
        West African  0.2%
        Broadly Sub-Saharan African < 0.1%
East Asian & Native American 0.2% **see note 2
        Native American < 0.1%
        Broadly East Asian & Native American < 0.1%
Unassigned < 0.99.6%
          * NOTE 1 This person was likely born between 1720 and 1810.
         ** NOTE 2 This person or persons was likely born between 1690 and 1780.

 2017 :  AncestryDNA sold over 1.7 million of its DNA test kits over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and  the 23andMe DNA kit was one of the top five selling products for Amazon on Black Friday.  Sales are still ongoing at most of the better known labs.  

Friday, August 11, 2017

Augustine Walker 1564-1614

    Augustine Walker was the father of Elizabeth Walker Warren.  She and her family were passengers on the Mayflower,.    My tie to him is thru my husband.  I like this man because he is proof that genealogy research  is never really done. For many years, the father  of Elizabeth was listed as unknown. Genealogist of all skill levels had researched all the Mayflower families and come up empty.  Then  in December 2002, Edward Davies found the missing piece of the puzzle.  So when I hit those brick walls I can only hope that it won't take 300 plus years to break thru.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Smith DNA

     Some of the family may not know we have done two DNA test for my Smith family line. Both my Dad and his sister have taken the test in the hopes we would find more Smith relative and finally make some advances on our family tree.  I have found some new relatives from my aunt's test and some new information I will be sharing in the future.
     My dad's test was a Y-DNA test submitted ten years ago.  This test strictly for father to son.  Any match we get on that test is on Grandpa Garfield to William to Ben and so on.  This test has connected us to Anderson  Smith , born abt 1800 in Virginia and died  1890 in Scott Co., TN and to William Smith, birth unknown died 1761 in. Essex Co., VA.
      A bit of ancient history is that he was a haplogroup group J.  The first J2-M172 haplogroup originated 25,000 years ago in West Asia and moved east during the Bronze age.

  "Haplogroup J-M172 is found at highest frequencies in the northern Middle East, west of the Zagros Mountains in Iran, to the Mediterrean Sea. It later spread throughout central Asia and south into India. J-M172 is tightly associated with the expansion of agriculture, which began about 10,000 years ago. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry, this lineage is found at substantial frequencies within Jewish populations."
      Our  ancient grandfathers did not go with this larger migration to the middle east , they pushed on to colder climate north and east most likely searching for better farm land.

      My Aunt has taken the more recent DNA test thru Ancestry.  It is testing both parents background and we have made a few connections with it, though mostly on Grandma Meeks side.  It is all very interesting.

      Here is her Ancestry report  I have to say before you read this, the understanding of DNA is still evolving so changes could occur in ten more years that would add or remove information we have now.

Europe 100%
    Great Britain 76%
     Europe West 11%
     Ireland 7%

     Scandinavia 2% (Low Confidence Region)
     Finland/Northwest Russia 2%
     Europe East 1%

Other Regions Tested
Iberian Peninsula 0%
Italy/Greece 0%
America 0%
Native American 0%
Pacific Islander 0%
Other Regions Tested
Melanesia 0%
Polynesia 0%
West Asia 0%
Caucasus 0%
Middle East 0%

 Once Settled in the Colonies this is how the family migration appears to have occurred
Genetic Communities™
Early Settlers of the Lower Midwest & Virginia Connection: Likely
Early Settlers of Eastern Kentucky & Northeast Tennessee Connection: Possible
Settlers of the Ozarks & Middle Tennessee Connection: Possible
Early Settlers of South Central Appalachia Connection: Possible

Update MY HERITAGE site has broken her ethnicity down this way
North and West Europe
North and West European
Irish, Scottish, and Welsh
South Europe

This is a sibling of mine -half dad's Smith line- taken at 23 and Me
European 99.7%
    Northwestern European 99.5%
       British & Irish 69.3%
       French & German 7.4%
       Scandinavian 2.1%
   Broadly Northwestern European 20.7%
   Broadly European 0.2%
Sub-Saharan African 0.3%
  Broadly Sub-Saharan African 0.3%
East Asian & Native American < 0.1%
   Native American < 0.1%
    Unassigned < 0.1%

I will say they have the best report to read all about  the different areas and timelines.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joseph Wallen

    Joseph Wallen was born about 1735 in Maryland to Elisha Wallen Sr. and his wife Mary (likely a Blevins) The Wallens settled in the area pf present Henry County, Virginia, in about 1745, on the Smith River. There is no record of land purchase so they were likely squatters, not uncommon in that time.
    Joseph Wallen was paid a bounty for a wolf's head in 1746 at about 11 years of age.
    Joseph married Milly Jones in about 1768.  They had 6 daughters, Elizabeth, Nancy, Susannah, Mary, Morning, Rosamond, and one son name James Carr.
(TL NOTE I believe the Carr is for a Longhunter name Wm Carr a  “Negro man of color… about the ordinary height, little inclined to be corpulent, slightly round shouldered and weighed about 160 or 170 pounds and very strong for one of his age… Few men possessed a more high sense of honor and true bravery than he did. He was possessed of a very strong natural mind and always cheerful and the very life of any company he was in.” My theory no evidence.)

It is presumed by most researchers that Elisha Wallen Jr. the Longhunter took his brothers with him on the hunts.

CAPTAIN DAVID LOONEY'S COMPANY OF VIRGINIA MILITIA, 1774, LORD DUNMORE'S WAR:  (Formed from Southwestern Virginia and Sullivan County, Tennessee)
Lt. Daniel Boone   Lt. Jno Cox  (I am related to Boone  through my Watkins line)
David Cox    John Cox, Senr.    John Cox, Jr.
William Roberts    David Roberts    Henry Roberts    Cornelius Roberts
Deswell Rogers (Dauzwell/Doswell Rogers)
James Walling   Joseph Walling    Thomas Walling
William Vaughn

Joseph is registered as D A R Ancestor #: A132354   Service: VIRGINIA   Rank: SOLDIER  Birth: (CIRCA) 1734  Death: 1792 HAWKINS CO TENNESSEE 
Service Source: KEGLEY, THE MILITIA OF MONTGOMERY CO VA 1777-1790, PP 50,51 
Service Description: 1) MONTGOMERY CO MILITIA; 2) CAPT HARMON COX 1777  

 An article in the Knoxville Gazette of June 30, 1792 listed Joseph Wallen as having found a red cow

Dec. 1986, Vol.2 #3, issue of Tennessee Ancestors, pub. by the East TN Hist. Soc.
has the ledgers for storekeeper,Thomas Amis.
The first one is dated 1782-1789 and includes:      Elisha Walling 1786    John Walling 1786
   Joseph Walling 1786      William Walling 1787
Milly Walling (widow) 1794  Wm. Walling 1794
(This would establish Milly as Joseph's widow and we certainly have other evidence to support that fact. It also brackets the year of 1792, when Joseph is said to have died.)

   From David Dolling Weddle’s Diary (written in 1881) "My grandfather, Joseph Walling, moved from Baltimore and settled in Grayson County, Virginia on the New River. There, my mother was born on the 22nd day of February, 1780-and when she was 12 years old, my grandfather moved down and settled on Clinch River which empties into big Tennessee, where Kingston now stands, some two hundred miles above said place-there my grandfather (Joseph Walling) built a fort and took a company of his settlement and his oldest son Thomas Walling, twelve in number over on to the three folks of the Cumberland River to the place now called Lot**, in the state of Kentucky. There him and his son and eight out of 12 others was killed by the Indians."
(TL NOTE most say the Thomas killed was a nephew,  Benge, the half breed renegade, was thought to be the leader of the Indians.)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Children of Benjamin Smith and Mahala Sweet- Eldest son, Henderson

I have had so little luck finding Ben Smith records. I have found lots of theories but little supporting evidence.

1860 census Wayne Co., KY
Benjamin SMITH 40 TN /Day Labor / $50 prop value/ $50 estate value
Mahala 33 KY( ? )Housewife
Henderson 18 TN Day Labor ---Elijah 16 KY Day Labor- --Nancy 13 TN----Emerson 11 TN----William 8 TN----Redman 6 TN----John G. 3 KY**--- Hayden 2 KY**---

I have decided to list the information about the children just to see if someone recognizes them and can contact me. 

Born January 16, 1841
Henderson “Hence” was the eldest. He enlisted on enlisted 2/2/1864 at Burnside, Pulaski, Ky., into Company I, 30th Infantry Regiment, Ky.

1870 census shows him in Wayne Co., KY next to Mahala
Henderson Smith 27 --Samantha (Burk) Smith 33 –
Evaline Smith 6 – James Smith 4  --Rachel Burk 48

1880 census finds the family in Jamestown, Russel Co., KY
Henderson Smith 31 Samantha J. Smith 28
Sarah E. Smith 16 James H. Smith 14 Samuel Smith 11 Milly Smith 8 Martha A. Smith 3
Rachal Burk 63 (mind unsound note/mark in insane column)

Henderson married Elizabeth Pittman 8 Aug 1897

1900 census Pulaski KY (TL NOTE this does not make a lot of sense)
Henderein Smith 60 Jan 1840
Elisabeth Smith 47 Mar 1853 mother of zero children
Eveline Foxford 36 daughter mother of one child Sept 1863
Nellie J Foxford 8 daughter May 1892
Effa Foxford 6 Grandaughter Nov 1893
Bessie Foxford 6 Grandaughter May 1893
William Dunsmore 56 Boarder May 1844

1910 census Pulaski Co., KY
Henderson Smith 70
Elisabeth Smith 53
Daughter Evaline 48, Kentucky
Granddaughter Effie 16, Kentucky
Granddaughter Bessie 16, Kentucky
Grandson Henry 21, Kentucky
now Betsy has had 4 children & they have been married 20 years.

1920 census Pulaski Co., KY
Henson Smith 79
Elizebet Smith 69
Eveline Smith 58 daughter
Riley Black 15 grandson
Dewey Turpin 7 Great grandson

The Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1961 list Henderson's death date as 1926 in Science Hill, Pulaski, Ky., and parents are Mother's Name: Mahala Sweet and Father's Name: Ben Smith
source info---GS Film Number:1912903 ,Digital Folder Number:004184187 ,Image Number: 01787


Monday, February 20, 2017

The GREERS Begin

                                                   Part one James 1600's England to Maryland  
(Some spelling variations: Grear,  Grier, Greer, Greyer)
        Legends say James was a son of Grierson of Capenoch.   His birth was about 1627 so his immigration  at the age of 47 would not be unreasonable, though one must question why he would come as an indentured servant.
       However, research by Richard Miller found a James Grierson of Capenoch buried on 23 January 1662 in Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh The Scottish Genealogical Society in Edinburgh  seemingly confirms that the burial was of James Grier(son) of Capenoch who was an MD (Apothecary) and died unmarried in Edinburgh.
 (source )
Also DNA evidence appears to indicate that our American branch of the Greer family does not match with the Greers and Griersons of Scotland.

      James  ancestry will remain a mystery for now.

     We know nothing about James Greer before his first appearance  as an indentured servant transported in the ship Batchelor of Bristol to America by Samuell Gibbons of Bristoll, 1674.

   " Samuel Gibbons, who proved his right unto four thousand-five hundred acres of land due him for transporting ninety persons, herein mentioned into the Province to inhabit. Before me.....Charles Calvert.” 
      Samuel next cashed in over a quarter of his acreage for cash.

"Know all men by these presents that I Robert Ridgely of St. Mary's City for a valuable consideration to me paid by Thomas Selby of Somerset County do Assign, Sell and make over unto the said Thomas all my right, Title and Interest of, in and to Twenty five Rights to Land to me due by assignment from Samuell Gibbons of Bristoll, merchant, due the said Samuell for Transporting Robert Hutchins, Robert Mackahee, Agnes Sincler, John Grey, Thomas Mercer, Anthony Winslow, William Winslow, James Winslow, John Miller, James Grear, John Lynsey, John Keane, John Macknamerry, Jeffery Mackvey, Mathew Shaw, John Bradshaw, John Tarneck, Alexander Wallis, Daniell Henry, John Mackelman, Robert Orr, Hugh Maynard, James Feilding, Andrew Agnew, and Daniell Macknele into this province to Inhabit. To have and to hold the Said five and Twenty Rights to Land to him the Said Thomas Selby, his heirs and Assigns forever, Witness my hand and Seale this Sixth of November 1674  Witnesses: John Blomfeild    Robert Ridgely {Seale} 
Robert Ellis" 
      Presuming he served a seven year indenture contract, James would have been a free man for 6 years before his next appearance.  Oddly no records seem to have been located for those years. James did marry Ann Taylor, daughter of Arthur Taylor and Margaret (Hill) Taylor, date unknown.  On "June 6, 1687. To all Christian people, to whom these presents shall come ... I, Arthur Taylor, of Gunpowder River, in Baltimore County, Maryland, Planter, for and in consideration of natural love and affection which I have and do bear unto James Grear and Ann, his wife, as also for divers and other good reasons and considerations..." 75 acres... part "Arthur's Choice" on Bird Run  (in Maryland) This is NOT Arthur's will, some believe it to be a wedding gift.  This is 13 years after James arrived in British America.
      In 1688 James and Ann had a son named John.  There is no will found on James but his name disappears at about this time.  Often when a person dies without a will it was due to sudden illness or accident. (TL NOTE If he was the Grierson of Capenoch he would have been mid 60's and less likely to have failed to write a will.)

      Ann, James wife, is next found married to Lawrence Richardson.  He was listed as " custodian for ye Orphans of James Grear"  Much discussion about how many children Ann and James had, but it could have been just a misreading of the record.   At the very least, no evidence of any adult children making a claim to the "Arthur's Choice" property, besides John, has been located.
      Ann Taylor Greer Richardson  is believed to have had at least one child with Richardson named Thomas. b. about 1692.

      About Ann's 2nd Husband, Lawrence Richardson
On the 19th of May, 1680, a small party of Indians attacked the house of Thomas Richardson at the head of Gunpowder River, but were put to flight by Richardson [Later Lt. Col .Thomas Richardson, Chief Ranger and Surveyor for County] and his brother Lawrence Richardson. 
In 1693, Lawrence Richardson was named as a vestryman of old St. John's Parish in Baltimore County, Maryland.

      Ann was widowed again.  She married a third time, now to Oliver Harriett.
                                                                                                                             to be continued

FAMILY PATH  Watkins to Lewis, to Greer.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Salem Witch Connection- First Accused- Ann Holland

     Ann Holland was born in England about 1603. Researchers have claimed she was the daughter of Richard Holland and Winifred Pearse.  Ann married Roger Bassett at St. Martin's Church on April 27,1623  in Dorking (now in Surrey county) England. They had at least one child, William Bassett baptized at the same church on May 30, 1624.  Roger died when William was young. as we find that Ann has married Hugh Burt sometime between Oct 1628  and June 17, 1635, the date the Burt family registered for passage on the ship"Abigail".  The Shipmaster Robert Blackwell (or Hackwell?), listed Hugh Burt, Mrs. Anne Burt, Edward Burt, and William Bassett on the passenger list  and Hugh Burt Jr. was listed on July 1,1635.

     The Burt family settled at the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Hugh Burt Sr. was granted 60 acres in 1638 and was listed as "husbandman" meaning farmer.

       Ann Burt was a Quaker and that was not a popular religious choice.   Researchers claim she was both a midwife and a talented healer. This  may have been her first bit of trouble was when she was mentioned in  Dec 1643 when "Auld Churchman of Lynn" was presented ( chastised?) for living without his wife for seven or eight years, and "for having the wife of Hugh Burt locked with him alone in his house". A few months later on 4 Aug 1644, Hugh Burt appraised the estate of this same Hugh Churchman, in whose will Burt's son Edward was bequeathed 10 shillings. (TL NOTE  Could Ann have been there to care for the man while he was ill?)

        Hugh Burt died in 1661.  In November 1669, there was a charge of witchcraft brought against "Goodwife Burt".  Several people testified against her, yet there is no indication that the court made any decision on the matter. This was one of the first if not the first witchcraft charge in in Lynn,Massachusetts records

"Bethiah Carter, aged 23 years, deposed that she heard Sarah Towsan say when she was a maid & lived with Goodwife Burt that the latter told the said Sarah if she could believe in her God she would cure her body and soul, but Goodwife Burt said she could not cure her own husband because he would not believe in her God, but her maid did and was cured. Since then the said Sarah has been sorely afflicted with sad fits 'Crying out and Rayling agaynst me sayin My father carryed me to boston but Carryed her to Lin too an auld wich'. Sarah told her further that she had seen the said Burt appear often at her bed's feet in the day and night."

"Phillip Reade, Physician, aged about 45 years, deposed that he had been sent for several times to see Sara Townsan and her sister Carter, both being very ill. 'Sd Sara townsend being in a more sadder Condiccion he had noe oppertunyty to Examine her Condiccion but did playnly perceive there was no Naturall caus for such unnatural fits but being sent for the 4th time and finding her in a meat Capassity to Give information of her agreunac and Caus of her former fits she tould me the abovesd Burt had afflickted her and if ever she did Relate it to anyone she would afflict her wors one however after had a sadder fit than evar sha had afore: then I askt her who afflict her Now abd what the matter was she Replide with a great scrich she had tould me already and she did Now Suffer for it.' "

"John Knight, aged about 47 years, deposed that he 'was goinge to fetch some things for his wife and he saw old goody burt coming out of the swamp and shee was in her smok sleeves and a blake hancacher and black cap on her head and hee looked upp and suddenly shee was gone out of sight and I looked aboute and could not see her, when I came into the house I found her in the same habit as I saw her and he said unto her did I not see you in the swamp even now and she said noe I was in the house and he tould her she was a light headed woman.' "

"Maddelene Pearson, aged about 50 years, deposed that she heard Sarah Pearson say when her father had her down to Goodwife Burts to be cured of her sore that the first night she was there the said Burt put her to bed..... Burt said 'Sarah will you smokit and giving of the pipe she smokit', and Sarah fell into fits again and said Goodwife Burt brought the devil to torment her."

The full text of the "Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County"  can be found in volume four (starts on page 207)  at this web site

Anne Burt wrote her will on June 8, 1664 and appears to have died about late 1672 to early 1673.   The estate was divided between her son William and her grandchildren.  This is the iventory list of her possessions:
Inventory of the estate of Anne Burt, taken Mar. 18, 1672-3, by William Crofts and Francis Burrill:
one petecot & wastcott, £1 10s.the Remene of her wooling aperill, £5 12s.too fether Beds, too Boulsters, too Pillos, three Blankits, one tapeistre Coverin, £2 18s.more weareing aparill, £1 6s.too cortings, Bibil & one other Booke, 6s.fiue peare of shets & one sheet, £3 11s.a rable Cloth & 8 napkins, £1three pillowbeares & other small things, 7s.three shifts, 8s.small linin, £2 10s. 7d.peuter & tin, 2d.Bras & Iron, £2 18s.too yeards of Peniston, 8s.3 Chists, too boxes, one trunk, £1too wheeles, too cheirs & other lumber, £1one couw, £3ten shep, 5£sillver, £2 10s.due to her £3total £47 2s. 6d.
Attested 26d:4m:1673 by William Bassett.
[Essex County Quarterly Court Files, volume 20, leaves 48, 49Essex Probate, volume 2, pp. 361-362]

FAMILY PATH Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn, to Wallen, to Bassett, to Holland