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Daniel Abbott fined for making a statement

ORIGIN: Unknown   BIRTH: Before 1610, based on freemanship

FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 and admitted 18 May 1631 [MBCR 1:80, 366]

ESTATE: "Daniell Abott" was  granted three acres behind the Pine Swamp in Cambridge on 5 January 1634/5

REMOVES: Providence possibly in 1636, and certainly by 1639
   On 4 June 1639, the Massachusetts Bay General Court, for unknown reasons,
       noted that "Daniell Abbot is departed to New Providence" [MBCR 1:267].
  Since Daniel Abbott does not appear in Cambridge records after February of 1636,
    he may have gone to Providence as early as 1636.
"Mary Abbott wife unto Daniell Abbott of this town of Providence departed this life in the year 1643,
 or thereabouts" [PrTR 5:203].
 DECEASED  "Daniell Abbott Husband to said Mary departed this life in the year 1647"  [PrTR 5:203].
 On 27 July 1650 Nicholas Power and Gregory Dexter were ordered to "take the goods belonging to the children of Daniel Abbot . deceased ,into their hands.."

*******COMMENTS: 18 May 1631: "Daniell Abbott is fined 5s. for refusing to watch, & for other ill
behavior showed towards Captain Pattricke"  the fine was remitted in the general amnesty of
 6 September 1638 [MBCR 1:243].***********

So this caught my eye -who was Captain Pattricke and why did Grandpa Abbott disrespect him?

DANIEL PATRICK (listed as possibly Irish in other sources)

 ORIGIN: The Hague, Holland
REMOVES: Cambridge by 1632, Watertown 1636, Greenwich by 1640
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Watertown [ WJ 2:182].
FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 (TL NOTE same day as Daniel Abbott and when Abbott was fined)
DEATH: Killed at Stamford late in 1643 of Capt. Daniel Patrick who was shot at Stantford in New England by one Hans Frederick

The Winthrop Papers contain three letters written by Capt. Daniel Patrick during the Pequot War, each including current details of encounters and supplies [WP 3:421, 430-31, 440-41].
EDWARD WINSLOW and ROGER WILLIAMS also made frequent mention of his activities during the war [WP 3:427-28, 436-37, 450].

 Winthrop and Patrick were not friends and their relationship grew more strained with time. About 1640, Daniel Patrick wrote to Winthrop asking to be reconciled and saying "I do confess I am a man of many failings, and certainly I am not ignorant of that unbeseeming carriage, once, nay twice towards yourself, but as time ripeneth fruit, so have I through God's goodness since that thoroughly considered the folly of such rash and proudlike actions ... I am unfeignedly sorry for mine offence" [WP 4:168-69].

   About 1641 Elizabeth Sturgis made a plain statement of the assaults made on her by Captain Patrick, first at the time when  she was a servant to Mr. Cumines and later after her marriage. Patrick wrote back rebutting her account and saying that he had  written to her husband saying that "if such things were spoken ... I should expect satisfaction" [WP 4:300-03].

Winthrop wrote of Patrick in 1643 as "very proud and vicious" and that he followed after other women .
Winthrop described his last day as  this --The Dutchman (Hans Frederick) had charged him with treachery, for causing 120 men to come to  him upon his promise to direct them to the Indians, etc.,but deluded them. Whereupon the captain (Patrick) gave him ill language and spit in his face, and turning to go out, the Dutchman shot him behind in the head, so he fell down dead and never spake. The murderer escaped out of custody.--"

It looks like Grandpa Abbott may have recognized a bad egg when he saw one. I think he refused to watch a man make an oath  that Abbott believed he had no intention of honoring.  It appears he was right.

The Great Migration Begins Sketches PRESERVED PURITAN
Robert Charles Anderson. Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. Vol. 1-3. Boston, MA, USA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.
A marvelous book.

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Maddness of Folly , Margaret White

Margaret was not a blood relative of mine, but I find her story very interesting. 
She was  hot tempered adultress, and apparently more than a little intimidating.  Now imagine all of this  dressed in the the garments of our Old Comers ( original name for Pilgrims).  Read on and just imagine how mad she may have been!

She was the daughter of  William White (d Oct 1673) and Elizabeth Cadman? (d Dec 1690)  / William was a bricklayer , his will proved 31 January 1673/4 in Boston is shown as follows:

His wife was to have "all my vissable estate so long as she was a widowe and to have her thirds if she remarried; two Sonnes  Isaacke & Cornelius White; two sonnes & 1 daughter Susanna Waggett, wife of Thomas Waggett after the decease of wife;  to son William White 5 shillings... to other 3 daughters, Elysabeth Harnden, wife of Benjamyne.  Margaret Wallen, wife of Thomas Wallen, and Usrulla Bennett, the wife of John Bennett each 4 shillings."

Margaret married Robert Colewell 1660 they  had two children Robert, Jr., b. 1662, and Elizabeth, b 1664 Robert (Colwel, Coleway, Caldwell)  took the  freemans oath 1658 in Providence,took oath. of alleg. May 1666-

October 1666, Thomas Walling was found guilty of assault on Robert Colwell and paid a bond of 20 pounds, but he failed to appear in court and forfeited his bond.
October 1666 Margaret was convicted of  fornication with Thomas Wallin ordered to be publicly whipped 15 stripes in Boston and was fined £5
 July 21, 1667 Colwell was granted a divorce from Margaret.
Margaret married Thomas in 1669, he died in 1674. In just five short years she gave birth to four boys,
  John (he may be Mary Abbott's son), William, Cornelius, and James.
On Decmber 25,1678 Margaret married Daniel Abbott, brother of Thomas Wallen's first wife.(-some speculate he did this to regain his sister's share of family inheritance)
Daniel is mentioned in the Providece town records in 1680 petioning for money for the orphans of Thomas Walling
Dan: Abbott.wtj ye orphs of Tho: wallings Right 
To the 7 pd Rate    8d    -July  1680 (page 207)
 and listed  again as July 1680 different amount
A List of a Rate of a ii (in or/as/money) Leivied on this
Towne of providence july y 16th:1680: to y end appoynted,
 as y Towne order enjoyneth Conderneing y sd rate: / the w are/
As ffolloweth jmpremes,/ Dan : Abbott, with ye orphans of Thomas Walling     2s 8d  (page 210-211)

Margaret's oldest son made reference to Daniel  February 8, 1682/3
 [PrTR 17:11]. Robert Colwell (Jr.) refers to "my father-in-law Daniell Abbott"

In about 1682 Margaret gave birth to Daniel Abbott,III. (the future Deputy Governor of the Colny of Rhode Island)
 Magaret and Daniel hit a "rough patch" in their marriage  August 7, 1683

Petion " Whereas my wife Margrett through her maddness of folly & turbulency of her currupt will,  hath often threatened to ruinate my family, routeing me (as she saith) of horse & foote, destroying me root & branch, putting out one of her owne eyes to putt out both mine, & sett  my house on fire: And is since deparated from me takeing away my Children without my consent. And as I have been enformed, is now plotting micheife with wsome , of her turbulent Spiritt, that when I am absent from home to rifle my house & take away my goodes, to accomplish her Divelish resolution against me. These are therefore, not only to advise, but alsoe to charge all persons vpon theire perrill to forbare any such illegal proceedings, and alsoe do hereby foreworne & forbid al persons whatsoever, to forbare bargaineing with, contracting of Debts, or receiveing any part of my estate of my sd wife Mrgrett without my approbation."

Published 8 January 1684: "These are to desire the Towne, that the within Written prohibition may be put
 upon the publick record of this Towne, And alsoe published in this Towne meeting."

Daniel died  early 1700's (dates  found vary from 1700-1717)  and mentioned Margaret in his will , so they apparently never divorced.   (TL NOTE not yet located the will )

Margaret appeared once more in the public records  (Margaret may have died later this year):
" 'Upon the Cumplaint of Mrs Margret Abbott widow of mr Daniel Abbott deceased that shee wants Releif and being sensible  that the sd Daniel Abbott her deceased husband Left a Compitent Esstate: suffuciant to Releife his sd widdow and being Informed that his son Daniel Abbott Administred vpon sd Esstate and being also sumthing sinsable of the same Where vpon wee doe order as hereby it is ordered that the sd suruiueing Daniel Abbott shall pay to the Relief of his mother the sd Margreet Abbott the sum of Eight shillings Per weeke Currant money into the hands of one of the ouer seers of the poor of  sd Towne Except he prouide for her sum other way to her Content vntill sum further order be taken.' "

FAMILY PATH  Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn, to Wallen, AND  to Abbott