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Thomas Wallen Sr. probate record 1680

This would be the first proven Wallen ( Walden, Walling)  the one I affectionaly call "Bad Boy" 
Daniel Abbott was his brother in law.  Many people presume Ralph Wallen was his father which would make the family techncially a Pilgrim Lineage  (Arrival on the first three ships is considered Pilgrim)
As far as I know, this is an unproven claim ,and I believe even unlikley.

The Enrolement of a Coppie of ye jnventory As ffolloweth
An Jnventory of ye Estate of Thomas walling of this Towne of providence Now Deceased.
 Three Cowes       10-10-00
 Two yovng bulls       03-10-00
 Three Calves       01-10-00
 Two horses        04-10-00
 Tenn Swine        10-00-00
 jn ye outer Roome of ye dwelling house   00 00 00
  Two iron potts       01-00-00
 one Bell mettle Skillett      00-02-00
 tinning ware       00-00-06
 Two ffrying pans       00-08-00
 One spitt & Two Gunns      01-18-00
 Earthen ware       00-02-00
 One Tramell & two hooks     00-3-06
 Two bibles, Two spinning wheeles, one P of Cards 00-14-00
 wooden dishes & Lumber     00-10-00
 Jn ye inner Roome      00 00 00
 One bed, & beding thereto belonging   03-00-00
 One Chest and what is in it     00-10-00
 home made Cloath, & one Lonthorne   01-10-00
 his wareing Cloathes      02-10-00
 One paire of bootes without Tops, one paire of shoes 00-15-00
 homemade yarne       01-10-00
 one P of Gloves, & Two P of Stockings   00-06-00
 homemade yarne       00-12-00
 Lumber        00-15-00
 [13]   Jn ye Leantoo     00-00-00
 Two Blanketts being homemade    01-15-00
 Three Sieves       00-03-00
 Lumber        00-12-06
   Jn ye Chamber     00-00-00
 Sheeps wooll, & Cotten wooll     01-08-00
 Jndian Corne & Cheese      00-13-00
 Lumber        00-10-00
   Jn ye Sellar      00-00-00
 One firkin of Butter      01-10-00
 One Tub & Two keellars      01-08-00
 One Churne, Two pailes, & one pigging   00-04-00
 Tallow & Candals       00-06-00
   Jn ye Sellar Chamber    00-00-00
 foure Barrels       00-12-00
 Sheeps wooll & Lumber      00-10-00
 One horse Cart & wheeles, with other horse Tack-
  ling to it       02-15-00
 all his working tooles      02-10-00
 One Saddle, one pillion, & one pannell   01-10-00
 Two Sithes, one P of horse ffetters plow & plow-
  Jrons        00-14-06
 The dwelling house outhouseing Land & medow
  there vnto Adjoyneing           100-00-00
 his Right of Commonning on ye East Side of ye
  foure mile Line Sett by the Towne   03-00-00
 his halfe Right of Commoning between ye Seaven
  mile Line 7 ye foure mile Line sett as afore-
  sayd        01-00-00
 His Right of Landes medowes, & commonning
 Lieing vpon ye west side of ye seaven mile
  Lione        05-00-00
 His Right of Landes wescodomsett    01-00-00
 The Sum totall if noe mistake in ye Casting vp is     171-07-00
    A ffaire prizall of what was made appeare vnto us to be the
 Estate of ye aforesayd Thomas walling now Deceased.
 Being Taken this Tenth day of August one Thousand Six hun-
 dred Seaventy and foure, by vs As wittnesse our handes
      John Smith
      John whipple junr
  The Enroled Coppie afore mentioned, was Endorsed As
 followeth              Cop P me John Smith Clerke
                    of ye Town of providence.
  Entered vpon Record ye first of june 1680:
  P Daniell Abbott Towne Clerke

FAMILY PATH  Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn, to Wallen.

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Staid and went not away

The aftermath of the King Phillip's War left the people of Providence with an abundance of  prisoners.
In August 1676 a meeting of those men referred to as those "that{staid} and went not away:" were chosen to make the final decision about these prisoners.  They had to consider that to simply release  the Indians would threaten safety of the colonists . They could  hang or shoot their prisoners but that  was a path that could likely lead to more battles later. The decision issued was as follows:

“We whose names are underwritten, being Chosen by the Town to set the
disposal of the Indians now in Town, we agree, that Roger Williams,
Nathaniel Waterman, Thomas Fenner, Henry Ashton, John Morey, Daniel
Abbott, James Olney, Valentine Whitman, John Whipple, Sen., Ephraim Pray,
John Pray, John Angell, James Angell, Thomas Arnold, Abraham Man,
Thomas Field, Edward Bennett, Thomas Clemence, William Lancaster,
William Hopkins, William Hawkins, William Harris, Zachariah Field, Samuel
Windsor, and Captain Fenner Joseph Woodward and Richard Pray, each
three fourths of a share, John Smith, Miller, and Edward Smith, Samuel Whipple,
Nelle Whipple, and Thomas Walling, each half a share. Inhabitants wanting, to
have Indians at the price they sell at Rhode Island or elsewhere. All under five
 years to serve till thirty, above five and under ten, till twenty eight, above
ten to fifteen, till twenty seven, above fifteen to twenty, till twenty six,
from twenty to thirty shall serve eight years, all above thirty, seven years.

Roger Williams Thomas Field
Thomas Harris, Sen. John Whipple, jr.
Thomas + Angell
August 14; 1676."

The committee authorized Capt. Arthur Fenner ,William Hopkins ,and John Whipple Jr. to procure a boat to transport the  Indians where they might be sold,  and after cost and reasonalble payment for their efforts the remaining funds would be divided the company _
"This being our reall act and deed as wittness our handes this 16 day of August 1676:
Roger Williams
Daniell Abbott  John Morey   Henry Ashton   Nathaniell Waterman
Ephraim Pray   Joseph Woodward   Abraham Man   Eliazur Whipple
John Angell   James Olney  James Angell  Vallintine Whittman
Edward Bennett  Thomas Field   John Pray-”

Now one might wonder why ther appears to be a length of servitude attached to this sale.   It seems that in March 1675,before the troubles had begun,  legislature of Rhode Island had passed a law “that noe Indian in this Collony be a slave, but only to pay their debts or for their bringeing up, or Custody they have
received, or to performed Covenant as if they had been Countrymen and not taken in war.” 
Did the committee believe that by imposing time limits  it made the sale into an  contract of servitude for debt repayment?
 Here is an accounting of at least a part of the sale
To Anthony Low, five Indians, great and small, £8.
'To James Rogers, two, for twenty two bushels of Indian corn.
'To Philip Smith, two, in silver, £4, 10.
'To Daniel Allen, one, in silver, £2, 10.
'To Caleb Carr, one, twelve bushels of Indian corn.
'To Elisha Smith, one, in wool, 100 lbs.
'To Elisha Smith, one, for three fat sheep

Daniel Abbott listed is my 8th grand uncle and Thomas Walling is my 7th great grandfather.
  He is the son of "Bad Boy Thomas" who died between 1674 and 1675, before the war. Thomas Jr. would have been only 21 maybe 22 when this occurred.

FAMILY PATH  Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn, to Wallen.

King Phillips War

    The bloodiest war in America's history, took place in New England in 1675 thru 1676.
In total twelve hundred homes were burned, eight thousand head of cattle lost,stored food destroyed, more than half of New England's ninety towns were attacked, and between six hundred and eight hundred English settlers died. When compared to the population at that time, the death toll was twice that of the Civil War.
Metacom, leader of the Pokanokets, a tribe within the Wampanoag Indian Federation, was given the nickname of King Philip by the English. He was the son of Massasoit -- the same Massasoit who had helped the Plymouth Pilgrims survive their first winter in the New World.
    Hostility began to develop over the land sales forced on the Native Americans. The English colonists continued making more demands on the Wampanoag,taking away their arms and forcing them to live and abide by English laws without necessarily allowing the same laws to protect the Indians. The last straw seems to have been the killing of some cattle that may have trampled the Wampanoag corn crop, A farmer retaliated by killing an Indian, which set the stage for the uprising.
    Nipmuck Indians, of central Massachusetts, joined forces with Philip's Wampanoags. A successful ambush of soldiers and siege of the town of Brookfield marked the start of the war. The tribes moved on, gathering more warriors to the cause as they successfully attacked and killed Captain Lothrop troops at Deerfield.
    The English blamed the Puritans for bringing God's punishment on the Colonies, the Puritans blamed Quakers and the converted Christian Indians. An ill conceived plan to make a pre-emptive strike resulted in General Winslow , Benjamin Church, and a thousand soldiers from Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay , and Plymouth attacking the then neutral tribe of the Narragansett. Most of the 5oo killed were women and children. One can only imagine the rage and fury of the Narragansett warriors after this Great Swamp Massacre of 1675. The settlers surely saw little hope at that point.
    The towns of Newport and Portsmouth invited the people of Providence and Warwick to take shelter on the Island in the hopes it would allow a better chance of defense. Most of Providence accepted this offer. Preserved in the records of the town are the names of those who have become known as those "that stayed{staid} and went not away:"
    As the Indians approached Providence, Roger Williams made one more effort at peace. The reply was no, but because of Williams' history of kindness towards the Indians they would not harm him. So Williams and the others returned to the house on the hill. On March 29, 1676, Providence lost seventy-two homes, only the hill side house and four others remained after the fire, none of the men named were harmed.
The attacks continued on both sides but in April, 1676 the tide began to turn against King Phillip.
    In August, Benjamin Church captured Philip's wife and nine year old son. The son was sold into slavery to a West Indies Planter. On August 12, 1676, an Indian guide named Alderman, working with the Benjamin Church troops, is said to have shot King Phillip in the chest, thus effectively ending the war. ( TL NOTE Depending on the historian's opinion, Alderman is also referred to as a treacherous member of his own tribe . I must add here another piece I found that is a dreadful statement of the mood of the people--- King Philip's body was "taken and destroyed, and there was he like as Agag was hewed in pieced before the Lord cut into four quarters, and is now hanged up as a monument of revenging Justice, his head being cut off and carried away to Plymouth, his Hands were brought to Boston." In fact, his head remained displayed in Plymouth on a pole until 1700.)

This summary is given to aid in understanding the significance of  my next entry  will be about the Wallens and Abbots. Benjamin Church is my husband's family.
 Now that you know all I know, here is the summary of the Meeks known facts

 Martha Patsy Meeks was born about 1820. She appeared in the census in 1850 at Charlie Harris home in Wayne Co., KY. She appeared in the census   in 1860 in Wayne Co., KY. Martha appeared in the census in 1870 in KY.  She appeared in the census in 1880   at  son Thomas' house named as a widow.
 Martha Meeks had the following children:
 2 i. James Meeks, born 1854; died 26 Jun 1911.
  ii. Jackson Meeks appeared in the census in 1860 in Wayne Co., KY. He appeared in the census in 1870 at home  w/Martha & Thomas in Wayne Co., KY.  He may have been called Zachariah in 1850 census He was listed as ten in  1860 and twenty three in 1870
  iii. Thomas Meeks was born in 1852 in Wayne Co., KY. He appeared in the census in 1860 at at Charlie Harris house   in Wayne Co., KY. He appeared in the census in 1870 at home w/ Mother & Jackson in Wayne Co., KY. Thomas  witnessed the wedding of  Hester Chaplain and Gran Brummet in 188614 Thomas died on 25 Nov 1932 at the age of 80 in Wayne Co., KY. He named a daughter Martha J and another Viana.

      James Meeks was born in  about 1854 He appeared in the census in 1860 at Charlie Harris house in Wayne Co., KY.
      He died on 26 Jun 1911 at the age of 57. James was buried in Lafavers grave yard. He married  Morning Eveline McQueary on 5 Mar 1874    in Russell Co., KY.They appeared in the census in 1900 at Wolf Creek with son Bluford at home in Russell Co., KY.  They appeared in the census in 1910 at Wolf Creek in Russell Co., KY.
      Morning Eveline McQueary was born in Oct 1856 in Russell Co., KY. She appeared in the census in 1870 at home of father Harvey in   Russell, KY , Precinct 4. She appeared in the census in 1920 in Russell County, Kentucky.      Morning appeared in the census in 1930 at home of son Carl Buford Meeks in Russell Co., KY.   She died in Jan 1942 at the age of 85. She was also known as Eveline McQueary.
 James Meeks and Morning Eveline McQueary had the following children:
 3    i. William Anderson Meeks, born Pulaski County , KY.
       ii. Carl Sam Buford Meeks was born in 1896 in Russell Co., KY. He appeared in the census in  1900 at Wolf Creek w/parents he is 4 yrs old in Russell Co., KY. He appeared in 1930   Russell Co., KY census
  iii. Mary Alice Meeks was born on 16 Jun 1875. She died on 13 Dec 1961 at the age of 86.
     William Anderson Meeks appeared in the census in 1930 in Russell Co., KY. He was born in Pulaski County , KY. .      Etha Cordelia Coffey and William Anderson Meeks were married on 16 Aug 1899 in in Russell Co KY. They appeared   in the census in 1900 in Russell Co., KY. They appeared in the census in 1920.   Etha Cordelia Coffey was born about 1876. She appeared in the census in 1880 at House 189 family 202 in Russell Co., KY.    She died  on 28 Jun 1924 at the age of 48.

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Mystery Meeks Family Part three

The Meeks family has been so difficult to understand. If Martha  married, no one seems to have a record (she does claim later that she was widowed) ,Three illegitamate boys may not be unheard of  but the odd occurence of Charles Harris  on Thomas's death certificate and James using Harris as his own name?  Was Charles his uncle , perhaps the only father figure they knew?  One wild theory is I had was-  Mormon. I know that is a bit out there but there  was a  "Priddy Meeks, an early Mormon pioneer, and himself a botanic physician" . He was born in SC 1795 and died in Utath 1886.  He converted to the Latter-Day Saints in 1840 while in Illinois.  It is not likely but not impossible , I have saved a bit about the Harris family, again trying to find that magic piece that will explain who they were.

HARRIS, Charles and Dicey DAVIS. Surety, John Harris. Bond dated
22 Jan 1811, Minister return missing. Endorsement on Bond: "Lady of
age-gentlemen parent present and consented by Micah Taul."
Above from Marriage Records compiled by June Baldwin Bork
(TL NOTE The following I am not sure of sourceLooks like 2nd marriage for both or Elam is odd middle name )
On 16 May 1841 he (Charles Harris) remarries to widow, Elizabeth Elam Meeks.
According to the IGI: Dicey DAVIS b. Abt 1790 in Wayne Co, KY film # 2034607
There is also an IGI Listing: Charles HARRIS male born 1793 TN Film # 1903767 Is this the same
Charles? No parents listed for either.

Transcription of text
Found this at the Harris Hunter mailng list
Seeking info on parents and children of Charles HARRIS (b. ca. 1792, TN).
Married Dicey DAVIS 22 Jan 1811 in Wayne co., Kentucky. Had at least 4 boys
by 1820, including Walton A. (12 Nov 1812-24 Aug 1897) and Westley (who
married Susan FRY). Other likely children of Charles and Dicey are Nancy
(who married Richard ELAM 11 Mar 1841 in Wayne Co., KY) and Hiram who was
born ca. 1836-37. They may have also had a daughter Patsey born ca. 1820.
(She is listed with the family in 1850.) After Dicey died, Charles married
Elizabeth MEEKS. They had Lafayette (b. ca. 1845), Milla (b. ca. 1847) and
Siatha (b. ca. 1848).
Charles Harris' father was a John Harris who died sometime in October or
November of 1814. (Consented to daughter's marriage in September and there
was a court order in December 1814 for the children to appear in court in
January 1815 to see if there was any objection to the probate or whatever.
Records show that Charles was born in Tennessee about 1792. It may have
been along the KY/TN border though. I have no idea where John Harris was
born - best guess is Virginia with NC being second choice. It is likely that
 Father John HARRIS signed for Charles on the marriage license.
Seeking info on this family - ancestors or descendents:
John HARRIS (est. b. 1755-1765; d. prob Oct or Nov 1814, Wayne Co., KY - will proved Jan. 1815;
 wife apparently deceased at that time)
1. Catharine
2. Nicholas (b. abt 1788; marr Salome/Sally ELROD 12 Oct 1810 Wayne Co., KY; d. abt 1838 Cannon Co., TN)
3. Charles (b. abt 1792 TN; marr
 1--Dicey DAVIS 22 Jan 1811 Wayne Co., KY; marr
     (Children by Dicey: Walton A. b. 1812, marr. Margaret MOSELY abt 1840 Giles Co., TN,
d. 24 Aug 1897 Itawamba Co., MS; Westley b. 1813, marr Susan FRY 13 Oct 1836 Wayne Co., KY;,d. Livingston Co., KY;
2 other males born bef 1820; Nancy marr. Richard ELAM 11 Mar 1841 Wayne Co., KY;
 2--Elizabeth MEEKS m 16 May 1841 Wayne Co., KY; d. aft 1860 prob Wayne Co., KY)
  possibly Hiram b. 1836-37 although he might be a grandson or nephew;
Children by Elizabeth: Lafayette b. abt 1845; Milla b. abt 1847; Siatha/Sciota b. abt 1848)
4. Sally (marr. James COTTEN 26 Sep 1814 Wayne Co., KY)
5. Susannah (marr. Jeremiah ELROD 18 Apr 1813 Wayne Co., KY)
6. Darky (this was the name in the will - could be Dorcas?)
7. John
8. Thomas

(2008)  search Dicey Davis
.....Grantee: Harris, Charles
Acres: 50  
Book: Y ---Survey Date: 23 Sep 1828
County: Wayne ===WaterCourse: Cumberland R
Volume 1  Part 1---CHAPTER VI KENTUCKY LAND WARRANTS (1816-1873)
More Info: Grantee: Harris, Charles
Acres: 50
Book: Y   Page: 234  Date Survey: 9-23-1828
County: Wayne      Watercourse: Cumberland R
Grantee: Harris, Charles
Acres: 50 Book: M-2
Survey Date: 11 Apr 1837 County: Wayne
WaterCourse: S Cumberland R
Volume 1  Part 1
page 578

More Info: Grantee: Harris, Charles
Acres: 50
Book: M-2
Page: 3
Date Survey: 4-11-1837
County: Wayne
Watercourse: S Cumberland R


Elizabeth Elam married UNKNOWN Meeks
 sometime between 1817 and 1837. She may have had  to Hiram in 1838.
UNKNOWN Meeks died sometime before May of 1841, when she remarried to Charles Harris.
She might be related to Richard Elam or Burwell Elam (Burrel) Elum on 1810 Wayne County Census?)
 The 1820 Census only lists an Edward Elum as head of household. So where is Burwell/Burrel?
 He is listed in the 1830 Census. There is one female in the household in the same age range
 that Elizabeth would be in. In 1840 He is listed as Barrel Ealem.
>William Elam to Hisya Blevins, 30 Mar 1807, Wayne
>James Hunter to Winnaford Elam, 22 Nov 1810, Wayne
>Edward Elam to Jemima Ellis, 05 Sep 1816, Wayne
>Bennett Elam to Rachel Coffey, 18 Jul 1820, Wayne or
>Bennet Elam to Rachel Coffey, 23 Jul 1820, Wayne
> Burrell Elam to Elizabeth Davis, 19 May 1827, Wayne (must be a son?? )
Burrell Elam, Richard, Watson and Benjamin were all brothers.
Their three sisters were named Patsy, Jane and Elizabeth.

in 1830 census there were 3 elams/elums listed: bertram, bennett, and edmund
# ID: I91682
# Name: Edward ELAM
# Sex: M
# Birth: 20 JAN 1769 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia
# Death: 15 FEB 1830 in Williamson Co., Tennessee
# Burial: Family Cemetery, Wilson Creek, Williamson Co., Tennessee
# Reference Number: 91682
# Note:
Frank Elam

Mystery Meeks Family Part two

Here are many of my census notes on  Kentucky Meeks Families
I saw a DNA site that seems to show Bazel and Nathan in Pulaski are same Haplo group which implies  they are related though I do not know how close.
NAME               County
    ALEXANDER      Logan
    BASEL          Henry
    BAZEL          Pulaski
    Jacob     Henry
    Jacob Jr    Cumberland
    Jacob Sr    Cumberland
    James     Woodford
    Jeremiah    Cumberland
    Jeremiah       Henry
    John    Franklin
    John           Mason
    John           Henry
    Joshua    Henry
    Nathan         Pulaski
    William        Pulaski 
     John Jr        Henry
     John Sr        Henry
     Silvester      Washington
     Atha           Ohio 
     Jesse          Clark
     John           Shelby
     Nathan         Clark
     Ridey          Hardin
     Samuel         Nelson
     William        Clark
     William        Mason
     William        Ohio
     Daniel         Mason
1810 Meeks in Pulaski only (don't really remember why I did this)
   MEEKS  DAVID        KY PULASKI  1810

1810 Census All
:  Bazle Meeks   Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky
Name: James Meeks
Home in 1810 ^: Greenup, Kentucky
FWP - Males - Under 10: 1
FWP - Males - 16 thru 25: 1
FWP - Males - 26 thru 44 : 1
FWP - Females - Under 10: 1
FWP - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
Number of All Other Free Persons: 4
# in house Under 16: 2 # in house Over 25: 2 # in house: 9

Name:  James Meeks Residence:  Greenup, Kentucky,

Name:  Jeremiah Meeks Residence:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky, 
Name:  Nathan Meeks Residence:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky,
Name: Prydy Meeks 
Home in 1810 ^: Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky
FWP - Males - 45 and over: 1
FWP - Females - 16 thru 25: 3
FWP - Females - 45 and over : 1
Numbers of Slaves: 2
# in house Over 25: 2   # in house: 7

Name:  Prydy Meeks Res:  Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky,
Name:  Samuel Meeks Res:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky,

Name: Samuel Meeks Home in 1810 ^: Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky
FWP - Males - Under 10: 3
FWP - Males - 16 thru 25: 1
FWP - Females - Under 10: 2
FWP - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
# in house Under 16: 5
# in house: 7

Name:  Samuel Meeks Res:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky,
FWP - Males - Under 10: 1
FWP - Males - 26 thru 44 : 1
FWP - Females - Under 10: 1
FWP - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
# in house Under 16: 2
# in house Over 25: 2  # in house: 4

Name:  Samuel Meeks Res:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky,

Name:  William Meeks Res:  Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky,
Name:  William Meeks Res:  Grayson, Kentucky,
Name:  Wm Meeks Res:  Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky,

Name:  Ben Neske V  [Ben Meeks?] Res:  Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky,

  Edward MeeksRes:  Covington, Campbell, Kentucky
^  James Meeks Res:  Floyd, Kentucky
^  James Meeks Res:  Nicholas, Kentucky
^  James Meeks Res:  Salem, Livingston, Kentucky
^  John Meeks Res:  Nicholas, Kentucky 

^  Pridy Meeks Res:  Munfordville, Hart, Kentucky
^  William Meeks Res:  Nicholas, Kentucky
^  William Meeks Res:  Ohio, Kentucky
^  William Meeks Res:  Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
^  Thomas Muks [Silvanns Meeks]  \Residence:  Mercer, Kentucky

1850 Wayne Co., Ky; District 2; 12 August; p.19;
Fm 130:
On 1850 Census for Wayne Co, KY
Charles Harris  58   stonecutter Tennessee
Elizabeth Harris 45   Kentucky
Hiram Harris     13      "   (Could be Hiram Meeks)
Layfette         5        "
Milla            3       "
Srtha or Siatha  2        "
Patsy Harris     30       "  (likely Martha Meeks)
Zacharias Meeks  2 OR 21   "
Hiram is possibly the son of Charles HARRIS and Dicey DAVIS.
Patsy Harris daughter of  one them or a daughter in law? or sister to Elizabeth???
Layfette, Milla and Srtha are the probably the children of Charles
HARRIS and Elizabeth Elam MEEKS.
Zacharias MYSTERY MAN or BABY BOY look at actual census page and he could be either 2 or 21

Next Door   Fm 131:
Samuel MEEKS, 61, m, - , Laborer, $0, b. Unknown.
Polly................, 25, f, - , Ky.
James M. McSENDON (?), 9, m, - , Ky.
Samuel MEEKS, 3, m, - , Ky.
---(Wayne Co., Ky Marr. Records: Samuel Meeks m'd Polly Ann Bertram on 13 Jan 1845)
 So if only  Samuel Jr. is couple's child-  who is 9 yr old McSendon?------------

1860 Wayne Co., Ky;
P.O: Monticello; 18 June; p.34  Fm 221:
Samuel MEEKS, 72, m, -, Tray Maker, $0, $0, TENN
King Soloman MEEKS, 11, m, - , Ky.
Viana MEEKS, 5, f, Ky.  (TL NOTE my Thomas will name a daughter Vianna)
Susannah MEEKS, 40, f, -, Ky.

p.58 & 59; 25 June
Fm 382:
Charles HARRIS, 67, m, - , Farmer, $400, $100, TENN.
Elizabeth.........., 53, f, - , Ky.
Lafayette.........., 16, m, - , Ky.
Milly..................., 13, f, - , Ky.
Sciota................, 12, f, - , Ky.
Martha MEEKS, 45, f, - , Ky. ("Patsey"  ?)
Jackson.........., 10, m, - , Ky.
Thomas.........., 8, m, - , Ky.
James............, 6, m, - , Ky.

1870 Wayne Co., Ky;
Monticello, District 1; 22 July; p.15;
Fm 107:
ROGERS, George, 49, m, W, Farmer,R.E.$3500, Per.Prop.$1500, Ky
....... Mahala, 46, f, W, Ky.
MEEKS, Viana, 15, f, W, Ky.
...., Susannah, 56, f, W, Ky.

---fm 108:
MEEKS, Hiram., 32, m, W, Farmer, $0, $0, Ky.*******
.......... , Elizabeth, 29, f, W, Ky.*****·**
.......... , George B., 3, m, W, Ky.
         , Elizabeth, 1, f, W, Ky..

p.29, Dist. 1,27 July, P.O: Monticello,
MEEKS, Patsey, 55, f, W, (no occupation), $0, $0, Ky .
.......... , Jackson, 23, m, W, Ky .
.......... , Thomas, 20, m, W, Ky.
bond:  Charles Harris and Thomas Meeks and to be married at Charles Harris’
3 Nov 1876   Thomas Meeks                 to               Nancy Denny
13 Nov 1876   Res. WCK age 24 2nd m farmer          Res. WCK age 27 2nd m
                        b. WCK; pb WCK                              b. WCK; pb WCK
bond:  Thomas Meeks and Charles Harris to be married at Charles Harris’
married by J. M. Allcorn  M.G.  wits:  George Stringer, Iza Denny and Charles Harris----------------
1880 Wayne Co., Ky Census; ED105 Monticello,
Precinct 1; 15 June; p.25; family 215:
MEEKS, Hiram; White, male, 43, Farm Laborer, b. Ky, father and mother b. Ky.
.........., Elizabeth; W, female, 40, wife, b. Ky, fa.& mo. b. Ky.
.........., George B.; 13, son, Ky.
.........., James C.; 7, son, Ky.
.........., Sophrona; 4, dau, Ky.
HUFF, Easter; W, f, 70, Boarder, b.Va; both parents b. Va.
HARRIS, Willey; W, f, 25, Boarder, b.Ky; both parents b. Ky.
 Thos. MEEK   Self   M   Male   W   28   KY   Farm Laborer   KY   KY 
 Nancy MEEK   Wife   M   Female   W   25   KY   Keep House   KY   --- 
 Vianna MEEK   Dau   S   Female   W   6   KY      ---   --- 
 Martha J. MEEK   Dau   S   Female   W   4   KY      ---   --- 
 Mehaly MEEK   Dau   S   Female   W   2   KY      ---   --- 
 M. J. MEEK   Mother   W   Female   W   61   KY      KY   KY 
Thomas was witness to a Brummet Wedding
 Marriage Certificate.
     This is to Certify, That on the 22nd day of August 1886, the RITES OF
MATRIMONY were legally solemnized by me between Gran Brummett and Hester
Chaplain near S. C. Fosters, in the county of Wayne, in the presence of Rev. R.
Crisse & Thomas Meeks.
                         SIGNED  H. S. Tw?????

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery Meeks Family Part one

This Family has made me crazy for years -   My ggg grandfather James Meeks apparently used the name Harris for quite a while in his youth   That is the name he gave when he married and was even listed on death certificate as "Meeks alias Harris"  also Charley Harris is named as his father and simply "Meeks" as mother
His brother Thomas has father unknown and Martha Meeks as mother. I have not yet located any records of  the oldest son Jackson beyond the 1870 census .  What I have tried to do is gather bits and pieces as I have seen them in the hope that it will someday  it will all "Click!"  So far , nothing.
Here are some of the notes- they may or may not be accurate, many are message board post.  My line is Martha to James to Wm "Paps" to Bessie. any other mentions that say "My" or  "I" are probably someone else's statement
...........MEEKS NOTES .....................................
THESE ARE NOTES FROM OTHERS trying to figure out their own MEEKS problems

Given Name: Samuel  Meeks
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1788 in Tennessee/ North Carolina
 Father: Asa MEEKS b: 1771   Mother: Rachel WILLIAMS b: 1780 c: 1829
Marriage 1 Polly Ann BERTRAM b: 1825 in Wayne County Kentucky
Married: 13 Jan 1845 in Wayne County,Ky
= there was a Sam Meeks that was involved in some way during the Civil war
F Co. 11th Cav. Reg. Ky. Pvt. (Morgan's Raiders, under General John Hunt Morgan).
and I think he died at  prison camp called Camp Douglas in Illinois
(some try to say it is older Sam Meeks but he would have been well into his 79's when the war started
and the younger Sam apparently married because I found this about him
  " Anderson HARRIS, all we know is parents were from Va.. He was in Kentucky
and served with Co.F   with the 11th Kentucky Cavalry as a Private.
He married Anna S. HORTON   12/01/1847 in Garrard Co. Ky.
and had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth HARRIS
who was born Jan. 1849. She married on 03/22/1870 in Madison Co. Ky.
 to Samuel MEEKS, son of Samuel MEEKS and Polly Ann BERTRAM,
of Wayne Co. Ky.. I'm looking for information on both HARRIS, ANDERSON,
and HORTON. Thanks, a lost cousin, Kathleen  "

 Samuel Meeks July 27-1845 Wayne KY  died may 6 1925 Harrison KY
Father Samuel Meeks TN  \Mother Vian Bertram Meeks TN
Samuel Meeks is from Tennessee County, North Carolina. Which is misleading
because the county itself is just south of Wayne Co., KY. Tennessee wasn't
a state until after Samuel was born. It was called North Carolina back then.
Issac ( ? Think this is Denny) went to Kentucky where he married Patsey Meeks whose family also came
from South Carolina. Patsey was the daughter of Priddy Meeks. Priddy and his sister, Sarah Meeks
 and her husband, Paul Meachum were involved in transporting and freeing slaves from the Carolinas to Indiana
in the early 1800’s.
The Meeks family traces back to William Meeks of co. Westmoreland, England, who immigrated to
 Hanover County,Virginia. The family is recorded on the tax list at Middle Plantation ,
 Virginia in 1646- 8 Pride Meeks, son of William and Molly (Nolan) Meeks, married Elizabeth Denny.
The Denny family migrated from Albemarle County, Virginia. (TL NOTE my Thomas Meeks married a Nancy Denny)
19 Oct 1876 Zachariah Hampton     married             Susan Meeks
19 Oct 1876 Res. WCK age 57 4th m blacksmith      Res. WCK age 53 1st m
b. RCK; pb RCK                b. unk; pb unk      Susannah?
bond: Zachariah Hampton and Elijah McDaniel
AND THIS might be a hint
 about missing unknown father of the three boys or the missing Meeks brother Jackson
"and somewhere in there was a Meeks who was a RIVERBOAT PORTER, he was supposed to be
a blacksheep of the family and apparently spread the family name up and down the river -
don't know which river."
   Elizabeth was married to Hiram Meeks.
 George Baldwin Meeks lists her as his mother on his marriage certificate to Nannie Johnson:
   James C. Meeks also lists her as his mother - under her nickname, "Bettie" - on his marriage
certificate to Allie Johnson:
   However, Samuel Lathiat's older sister, Sophrona, lists her father's name as "Hiram Meeks"
 and her mother's name as "Jane Meeks" on her marriage certificate.
and here is ANOTHER
 On Samuel's Marriage Certificate he states his mother's name is "Catherine Meeks".
On Fronie's Marriage Certificate she states her mother's name was "Jane Meeks".
On James C.'s Marriage Certificate he state his mother's name was "Bettie Meek".
On George's Marriage Certificate he states his mother's name is "Elizabeth Meeks".
And as of 1892, Hiram and Elizabeth were still alive and living in Wayne Co., KY.

1900 Pulaski Co., KY Census Point Precinct:
#132. Meeks, King Head 2/56 M KY KY KY Day Laborer (TL NOTE Could this be missing King Soloman?)
Mary Wife 3/52 M 11 KY NC AL
Etta J. Dau 7/93 S KY KY KY
William M. Son 8/95 S KY KY KY
Rebeca Mother 2/29 S KY KY KY
#133. Meeks, High Head 3/35 M KY KY KY Day Laborer
Easter E. Wife 3/39 M8 KY KY KY
Fronie Dau 5/75 S KY KY KY
Samuel Son 4/79 S KY KY KY
Sallie Dau 12/80 S KY KY KY
William Son 12/85 S KY KY KY-----
.Hiram's(MEEKS) birthday is sometime in March of 1838, and he was still alive in
> 1900, in Burn Town, as was Elizabeth. Elizabeth also was born March,
> 1839, and went by the name "Easter E." Meeks on the census. Hiram went
> by the name of "High." He was a day laborer - occupation unspecified.
> Hiram, Easter, my great grandmother Sallie - all but one child - Samuel
> - could read. Samuel could read, but he could not write.
> If I remember correctly, my great grandmother Sallie traveled quite a
> bit before she passed away 22 October 1958.........

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Notes Gregory Family, Wayne Co., KY

Notes found Gregory family
(TL NOTE The best research I have seen is done by Marilyn Gregory Fisher    
  Watch for her name. the website I have for her is )

 Name:  Mordecai Gregory

Birth:  abt 1776 - Virginia, Virginia, United States
Death:  Oct 1850 - District 2, Wayne, Kentucky
 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index


1850 GREGORY MORDICAH WAYNE CO. KY 74 M OCT VA  cause of death BURNED occupation BLACKSMITH  ID #MRT197_127383  (TL NOTE my gggg-grandfather )

1860 GREGORY MORDICAH WAYNE CO. KY 51 M AUG KY CONSUMPTION CARPENTER, JOINER MRT197_127382 (TL NOTE this is brother of my ggg-grandfather Johnathan)

21 Sep 1876    John T. Vaughn                Elizabeth Jane Gregory
21 Sep 1876    Res. WCK age 28 1st m farmer            Res. WCK age 24 1st m
                        b. WCK; pb WCK                              b. WCK; pb WCK
bond:  John T. Vaughn and Peter Gregory to be married at Mordica Gregory’s
minister didn’t sign

05 Sep 1862    Mordecah Gregory  and  Nancy Matthews.  Bond, James M. Vaughan
                        To be married at Merrit Matthews’ on 5 September 1862
            Mordecah aged 21 years, b. WCK; parents:  Hayden and Polly Gregory
            Nancy aged 20 years, b. WCK; parents:  Merrit and Betsey Matthews

Miscellaneous (found message board post)
Judy, my info has Henry and Mary with nine children..Sciotha, born 1843, Mahala,
 1844, Jacob (Jake) 1845, John Tom, 1847,William Henry 1849. Martha Jane, 1852,
Andrew Jackson, 1856, George Matthew, 1859, and Lucinda, 1875. You are correct
in that Jacob Meece and Joanna Nevil were George's grandparents....My great
grandfather was Jacob(Jake) and my grandfather was James Marion...
.Andrew Jackson and Lucinda were both still living during my youth and
I remember them quite well...Leo...
Sarah Meece married  Roland Gregory  16 Jan 1867 Pulaski Coat the home of Henry Meece' LDS file #1761022

Obituary in the church minutes 1924 minutes
Bro. Rollin Gregory was born about 78 years ago & professed a hope in Christ at an early age& lived a devoted Christian till death which occurred July 18 1924 Leaves a wife and five children.

.,KY PULASKI  KY   Mortality Index (TL NOTE  never figured out who this is,  probably sister in law of my Jacob  Meece) --1850 MEECE CHRISTENA PULASKI CO. KY 59 F AUG VA FEVER NONE LISTED MRT197_220537

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast of Ancestors

Like so many people my New Years Resolution, Diet
Today that little bowl of oatmeal is less than appetizing so I had to wonder,
what did the ancestors eat?  I am currently working on many the mid 1800's
 so that is today's search

 1853 breakfast menu suggestions in a cookbook
 Hot cakes, cold bread, sausages,
 Hot bread, cold bread, chops, omelet.
 omelet, a nice hash, fried potatoes
 Corn bread, stew, Boiled eggs.
 And the morning cup of coffee cost 12-18 cents a pound
 By 1861 the price would rise to  15-20 cents/lb

People  apparently ate a hardy breakfast, a large lunch ,  a mid afternoon tea or snack
and / or light supper( most likely leftovers in some form)
 the suggested tea menu found was a bread and either stewed fruit
 or oysters or fish

Breads seem to have been mostly some type of cornbread or corn base pancake.
Desserts were seldom made with sugar but more likely honey or sorghum molasses.
My "Hot Grandma" Elizabeth kept several bee hives, be sure to read her story.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Earliest Turner notes

   There was a John Turner who signed the Mayflower Compact. In William Bradford’s list of "Increasings and Decreasings" for 1650, he wrote "John Turner and his two sons all died in the first sickness." No Turners today descend from actual Mayflower pilgrims though many try to make the case that later Turners were relatives.  I don't think so.

Thomas & Susanna (Anthony) Turner of Pennsylvania
John Ellis b nov 1726 bap Jan 24 1732 witness Thomas Turner and Susanna Turner
John Ellis of Manatawny Twp, son Evan Ellis b Dec 1724 baptized Feb 24, 1732
witness  Thomas Turner and Susanna Turner, William Richard. (TL NOTE dates are odd?)
   Susanna may have been a 2nd wife of Thomas' but no records show that either way.

Antony Turner son Anthony Turner was baptized 10 February 1732 (born January 21, 1732) The witnesses for the baptism were John Ellis, Thomas Turner and Susannah Turner.
SOURCE Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania The Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever form 1730 to 1799------
--(TL NOTE-My line is thru their son Roger-)

-Roger Turner
"[Lease) Between Morgan Bryan & Martha his wife of Frederick County [to] Roger Turner of the same place ... Consideration of five Shillings Tract of Land being part of a Tract of Land containing four hundred Acres Granted unto said Morgan Bryan by patent dated the 12th Nov. 1735 ...Containing one hundred and twenty five Acres . . Yielding & paying one pepper corn on 29th Sept. only if the same be demanded Wit: Edw. Hughes Morgan Bryan John Grayson Martha (M) Bryan, David Crockatt Recorded: xth Feb. 1743"Release] Between Morgan Bryan & Martha his wife of Frederick County [to] Roger Turner of the same place ... Consideration of twenty five pounds Tract of Land being part of a Tract of Land containing four hundred Acres Granted unto said Morgan Bryan by patent dated the 12th Nov. 1735 ... Containing one hundred and twenty five Acres. Wit: Edw, Hughes Morgan Bryan Martha (M) Bryan John Grayson David Crockatt Recorded: xth Feb. 1743SOURCE Feb. 1743 Deed Bk 1, page 38 - 8 Jan. 1743," Frederick County Virginia, Deed Books 1,2,3,4 1743-1758" Abstracted and Compliled by Ameliia C. Gilreath -"Bk 1, page 37 - 7   Jan. 1743---
(TL NOTE Bryans are Daniel Boone’s wife’s grandparents and David Crockatt was Davey Crockatt’s grandfather)

-------In a diary kept by the Moravians, Leonhard Schnell and Robert Hussey, "they came down the Great Wagon Road to Opeckon, on 18 Nov., 1743, crossing the Patomac at Williams' Ferry and en route to Joset Hite's "On the 19th we went to Roger Turner, who married the sister of Bro Evans and lives 10 miles from here." "On the 20th we continued our journey. Roger Turner accompanied us part of the way and showed us the right road"
SOURCE Virginia Magazine of History & Biography // Moravian Diaries Through Virginia Vol 11 page 373 

Roger & Elizabeth Turner
"Roger TURNER and Elizabeth, his wife, sell to Jost DUBBS of Lancaster Co., PA.
March 31, 1746--SOURCE Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 1 page 271

Roger & John Turner 1748 "A list of tithables from the mouth of Falling River Upwards for the Year 1748 taken by John PHELPS--Roger TURNER 1 tithe John TURNER 1 tithe

April, 1748 Roger TURNER, Jr 400 acres beg at the Indian fort 3 or 4 miles above the mouth of Hatchet River on Pig River.

"1749 List taken by Nicholas HAILE: Lunenburg Co., VA
Roger TURNER and Roger TURNER 2 tithes John TURNER 1 tithe

" 19 Aug 1751 Rodger Turner, Sr., a plat drawn for 640 acres in Anson County, NC on the north bank of the Yadkin River "a little below the mouth of Turners Creek." Granted to Rodger Turner by Lord Granville. Grant issued 26 Jan 1761. Chain bearers Rodger Turner, Jr., Morgan Bryant and Charles Robinson. Surveyed by Charles Robinson.

page 9 (II:469) 13 July 1763 On Motion it is Ordered that a Waggon Road the Best and Nearest and Best way from the Shallow ford upon the Yadkin River to the Town of Salisbury,and the following Persons are appointed to Lay of, and mark the Same, to wit:..Samuel Bryan, Morgan Bryan, James Bryan, Roger Turner, Mathew Sparks, Edward Roberts, Daniel Boon, Barnet Stagner, David Johnston, James McMahan, Robert Forbush & Thomas Turner and accordingly they appear upon Notice and be Qualified before the nearest Magistrate for their Faithful discharge of their office &c.

"The Records of the Moravians" notes that in 1773, at the age of 84, Roger Turner was the oldest man in the Neighborhood and that he was blind.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Today,there was a story about some Marines who had allegedly misbehaved.
A comment made about the standards Marines are supposed to strive for  led me to searching out the word oath on my computer.
Here are some that I found

1639, the Freeman's Oath ( swearing allegiance to the colony)
    "I, _____, being by God's providence, an Inhabitant and Freeman within
the Jurisdiction of this Commonwealth: do freely acknowledge myself to
be subject to the Government thereof: And therefore do here swear by the
great and dreadful Name of the Ever-living God, that I will be true and faithful
to the same, and will accordingly yield assistance and support
thereunto, with my person and estate, as in equity I am bound!
 and will also truly endeavor to maintain and preserve all the liberties and privileges
 thereof, submitting myself to the wholesome Laws and Orders made and established
 by the same. And further that I will not plot or practice any evil
against it, or consent to any that shall so do; but will timely discover
and reveal the same to the lawful Authority now here established for the
speedy preventing thereof.  Moreover, I do solemnly bind myself in the sight of God that when I
shall be called to give my voyce touching any matter of this State in
which Freemen are to deal, I will give my vote and suffrage as I shall
judge in mine own conscience may best conduce to tend to the public weal
of the body. So help me God in the Lord Jesus Christ."
(TL NOTE Abbotts, Wallen, Warren, Church, Sprague are some that were here for this)

1775 Oath of the Continental Army
   "I _____ have, this day, voluntarily enlisted myself,
as a soldier, in the American continental army, for one year, unless sooner
 discharged: And I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules
and regulations, as are, or shall be, established for the government of the said Army."
(TL NOTE Turner family fought on both sides in this war)

1862 Military Oath (Union)
    "I,________ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have never borne arms a
gainst the United States since  I have been a citizen thereof; that I have
 voluntarily given no aid, countenance, counsel, or encouragement to persons
 engaged in armed hostility thereto; that I have neither sought nor accepted nor
attempted to exercise the functions of any office whatsoever under
any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States;
that I have not yielded voluntary support to any pretended government,
authority, power, or constitution within the United States, hostile or
inimical thereto. And I do further swear (or affirm) that, to the best
 of my knowledge and ability, I will support and defend the Constitution
of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will
bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this
 obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose
 of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties
of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God."
 (TL NOTE At least 3, Turner, Johnson, Gregory fought Union side)

1865 Virgina Confederate Soldier & Supporters
Oath of Allegiance to The United States of America
   I___  do solemnly swear in the presence of Almighty God,
that I will henceforth support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the
United States and the union of the states tunder ; and that I will in like manner
 abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made
during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves.
I do solemnly swear, that I will uphold and defend the Government of Virginia as
 restored by the Convention which assembled at Wheeling on the 11th day of June, 1861.

I can not help but wonder how any of my grandfathers would view these Marines .

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thomas Day, Murder Mystery

Thomas Day  born about 1651 died abou 1705
 about married  at least twice. First to a Dorothy and second wife was Elizabeth.

On February 9 1699
Mary Hodges,  a neighbor, found Elizabeth Day dead .  Her deposition described the body as   "most horrod and barborey mannor all gored in blood " Two other neighbor women were called and gave similar testimony that Thomas was found to hav " his face and eyes most greviously brused with severall wound and bruses upon his head" and no clear reason for his wounds.  He said "how he hurt himself he answered the Lord Knows, I know not" and to another he said his facial wounds resulted from hitting his head over a "potrack."

The Verdict
 Sworn before me the day and yeare above written. Rich'd Covington in Place of Coronor. An Inquisition Ind.... and taken at ye house of Thomas Dayes in Ffarnham Parish in Essex County ye 10 day of February in ye yeare 1699 before me. Rich'd Covington one of his Majesties Justices of ye Peace for ye County of Essex upon view of the body of Elizabeth day ye wife of Thomas Day....then and there lying dead and ye Jurors being good and lawfull men and Sworne to trye and inquire in ye behalfe of our Sovereigne Lord & King,,,,,, so we Jurors say that in ye parish and county aforsd and on the eight or ninth of this instant to wit: in ye dwelling house of ye sd. Tho. Day that ye Sd. Eliza. Day was barbarously murdered and by all manner of Circumstances we can find or gather that ye aforesaid Thom. Day is Guilty of ye murdering ye said Elizabeth Day.
Richard Covington in ye Place of Coronor
Sam. Farry, Tho. Ewell, Henry Perkins, Richd. Taylor, Tho. Crants, Tho. Johnsone, Tho. Greene, Wm. Price, Sam. Coates, John Brooks, Tho. Cooper, Henry Geare, Jeffrey Dyer, Tho. Williamson
February 10, 1699.

Now we get an interesting twist

Aprill 1700 Generall Court "Thomas Day of Essex County for ye Murder of Eliz'a Day wife of Thomas Day of Essex. Acquitted and discharged."
"In October 1700 Generall Court John Smith for Felony & ye murder of Eliz'a Day wife of Thomas Day of Essex County. Found Guilty. Condemned and was Executed."

This almost seems anticlimatic, doesn't it? No other explanation has been located that tells why  or how this John came to be found guilty.

The stress of all this seems to have taken a toll on poor Thomas. Here he sold his property.
Mar 1702 Essex Co., VA "I Thomas Day of South Farnham Parish in Essex County, Planter, doe assigne and sett over all my right title clayme and interest unto the within written deed unto Jacob Devillard of the aforesd county, Churgion his heires and assignes forever with warranty from all persons whatsoever that shall lay any just claime or title unto the within menconed land or Plantacon As witness my hand this seaventeenth day of March 1701/2
signed: Thomas (X) Day
wit: John Watkins, Saml Coates


"5 Dec 1705 signed Tho x Day Wit: John Fargason ,Wm. Aylett, Adam Denning Ack and rec 11 Feb 1705/6
 To all to who these presents shall come Greting know yee that I thomas Day of the parish of South Farnham in the County of Essex in Virginia being in a sickly weake and low condition and noe(ways) waies Capable to tke care of, or provide for myself and that little Estate it hath pleased God to bestow upon me (it chiefly lying in Perishable Creatures) have and by these presents doe Bargain Sell Bind and firmly make over unto Jn'o Fargason of the parish and County aforsaid planter all and singular my said Estate", etc. In consideration Fargason "to maintain and keep me the said Day During my naturall life with sufficient accomodation of victuals Cloathes washing and lodging and give to Eliza a Mary Angillica Day my Daughter when whe arrive to the age of Eighteen or when married one Cowe and Calfe." 

Do you believe he was guilty or not?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sidetracked, again

    I have searched for years to find my Smith family. I even got my father to sign up for the Smith DNA   project. which has only given us one match and the names they have mean nothing right now to me,.
    I have been "told" we are related to  a George and Rebecca (Bowen) Smith.  While they have a very romantic story, it has no evidence to support it.
    So one again I spent the holidays just plugging in names I know are right into Google and Ancestry  to see what might turn up.  I know it is not the most effective search method , but when just killing time it is usually interesting.  This time I think I  hit on  gold.
     I was trying to locate my gg-grandfather Henry Hill (b abt 1840)  in 1870 .I found his marriage record in TN. That led me to what appeared to be him in the 1860 Scott co. TN census, living next to a Nancy Smith.  Duh! I had read that she insisted on taking back her maiden name when she divorced Henry's father, Berry Hill, and there she was with her  Hill children .  And on the same page was a Henry Smith and his wife Creecy, the name Henry would give his eldest daughter.  Now I have spent nearly two weeks trying to find evidence to show that this family is who I think they are, I think Henry was a cousin to my hard to find Smith family!  The names are too similar, the eldest family members were born in VA where the DNA test has placed the family. I have a theory that works perfectly in my head, if I can just find that bit of paper that will prove it . 
  And the sidetrack? I still have not found Henry Hill in 1870 census,  but I found the rest of the "family"