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Joseph Wallen

    Joseph Wallen was born about 1735 in Maryland to Elisha Wallen Sr. and his wife Mary (likely a Blevins) The Wallens settled in the area pf present Henry County, Virginia, in about 1745, on the Smith River. There is no record of land purchase so they were likely squatters, not uncommon in that time.
    Joseph Wallen was paid a bounty for a wolf's head in 1746 at about 11 years of age.
    Joseph married Milly Jones in about 1768.  They had 6 daughters, Elizabeth, Nancy, Susannah, Mary, Morning, Rosamond, and one son name James Carr.
(TL NOTE I believe the Carr is for a Longhunter name Wm Carr a  “Negro man of color… about the ordinary height, little inclined to be corpulent, slightly round shouldered and weighed about 160 or 170 pounds and very strong for one of his age… Few men possessed a more high sense of honor and true bravery than he did. He was possessed of a very strong natural mind and always cheerful and the very life of any company he was in.” My theory no evidence.)

It is presumed by most researchers that Elisha Wallen Jr. the Longhunter took his brothers with him on the hunts.

CAPTAIN DAVID LOONEY'S COMPANY OF VIRGINIA MILITIA, 1774, LORD DUNMORE'S WAR:  (Formed from Southwestern Virginia and Sullivan County, Tennessee)
Lt. Daniel Boone   Lt. Jno Cox  (I am related to Boone  through my Watkins line)
David Cox    John Cox, Senr.    John Cox, Jr.
William Roberts    David Roberts    Henry Roberts    Cornelius Roberts
Deswell Rogers (Dauzwell/Doswell Rogers)
James Walling   Joseph Walling    Thomas Walling
William Vaughn

Joseph is registered as D A R Ancestor #: A132354   Service: VIRGINIA   Rank: SOLDIER  Birth: (CIRCA) 1734  Death: 1792 HAWKINS CO TENNESSEE 
Service Source: KEGLEY, THE MILITIA OF MONTGOMERY CO VA 1777-1790, PP 50,51 
Service Description: 1) MONTGOMERY CO MILITIA; 2) CAPT HARMON COX 1777  

 An article in the Knoxville Gazette of June 30, 1792 listed Joseph Wallen as having found a red cow

Dec. 1986, Vol.2 #3, issue of Tennessee Ancestors, pub. by the East TN Hist. Soc.
has the ledgers for storekeeper,Thomas Amis.
The first one is dated 1782-1789 and includes:      Elisha Walling 1786    John Walling 1786
   Joseph Walling 1786      William Walling 1787
Milly Walling (widow) 1794  Wm. Walling 1794
(This would establish Milly as Joseph's widow and we certainly have other evidence to support that fact. It also brackets the year of 1792, when Joseph is said to have died.)

   From David Dolling Weddle’s Diary (written in 1881) "My grandfather, Joseph Walling, moved from Baltimore and settled in Grayson County, Virginia on the New River. There, my mother was born on the 22nd day of February, 1780-and when she was 12 years old, my grandfather moved down and settled on Clinch River which empties into big Tennessee, where Kingston now stands, some two hundred miles above said place-there my grandfather (Joseph Walling) built a fort and took a company of his settlement and his oldest son Thomas Walling, twelve in number over on to the three folks of the Cumberland River to the place now called Lot**, in the state of Kentucky. There him and his son and eight out of 12 others was killed by the Indians."
(TL NOTE most say the Thomas killed was a nephew,  Benge, the half breed renegade, was thought to be the leader of the Indians.)