Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Children of Benjamin Smith and Mahala Sweet- Eldest son, Henderson

I have had so little luck finding Ben Smith records. I have found lots of theories but little supporting evidence.

1860 census Wayne Co., KY
Benjamin SMITH 40 TN /Day Labor / $50 prop value/ $50 estate value
Mahala 33 KY( ? )Housewife
Henderson 18 TN Day Labor ---Elijah 16 KY Day Labor- --Nancy 13 TN----Emerson 11 TN----William 8 TN----Redman 6 TN----John G. 3 KY**--- Hayden 2 KY**---

I have decided to list the information about the children just to see if someone recognizes them and can contact me. 

Born January 16, 1841
Henderson “Hence” was the eldest. He enlisted on enlisted 2/2/1864 at Burnside, Pulaski, Ky., into Company I, 30th Infantry Regiment, Ky.

1870 census shows him in Wayne Co., KY next to Mahala
Henderson Smith 27 --Samantha (Burk) Smith 33 –
Evaline Smith 6 – James Smith 4  --Rachel Burk 48

1880 census finds the family in Jamestown, Russel Co., KY
Henderson Smith 31 Samantha J. Smith 28
Sarah E. Smith 16 James H. Smith 14 Samuel Smith 11 Milly Smith 8 Martha A. Smith 3
Rachal Burk 63 (mind unsound note/mark in insane column)

Henderson married Elizabeth Pittman 8 Aug 1897

1900 census Pulaski KY (TL NOTE this does not make a lot of sense)
Henderein Smith 60 Jan 1840
Elisabeth Smith 47 Mar 1853 mother of zero children
Eveline Foxford 36 daughter mother of one child Sept 1863
Nellie J Foxford 8 daughter May 1892
Effa Foxford 6 Grandaughter Nov 1893
Bessie Foxford 6 Grandaughter May 1893
William Dunsmore 56 Boarder May 1844

1910 census Pulaski Co., KY
Henderson Smith 70
Elisabeth Smith 53
Daughter Evaline 48, Kentucky
Granddaughter Effie 16, Kentucky
Granddaughter Bessie 16, Kentucky
Grandson Henry 21, Kentucky
now Betsy has had 4 children & they have been married 20 years.

1920 census Pulaski Co., KY
Henson Smith 79
Elizebet Smith 69
Eveline Smith 58 daughter
Riley Black 15 grandson
Dewey Turpin 7 Great grandson

The Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1961 list Henderson's death date as 1926 in Science Hill, Pulaski, Ky., and parents are Mother's Name: Mahala Sweet and Father's Name: Ben Smith
source info---GS Film Number:1912903 ,Digital Folder Number:004184187 ,Image Number: 01787