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Vikky Wilburn Anders has a lot of research on Wilburns, this is just one part of it , much more is found on the Rootsweb Wilburn mailing list
Richard Wilburn 1720 to 1820

Richard was most likely from the Goochland, VA area, He had no schooling and signed legal documents using an X. There was a Richard and Ann Wilburn earlier that may have been his parents but not certain.
He was mentioned in the 1769 court record Amherst Co. VA
1783 October 6 – page 440 – Charles Ellis and Sally his wife to Richard Wilburn of Amherst Co.,
118a on Hersely’s Cr. lines Ed Goodwich, Chas. Davis, Wm Clopton, Ambrose Eubank.
1783 December 5 - page 576 – Richard Wilbourn of Amherst to John Eubanks 118 a on
Horselys Cr. Lines: Ed Goodrich, Chas. Davis, Chas. Ellis
1784 – Book E page 576 - John Eubank from Rich. Wilbourn
and in 1787, Richard signed a marriage bond for his son, William, to marry Eda Guttery.
Richard Wilburn lived in 1790 in Amherst County, Va., and at that time had ten white persons in his family, and no slaves.
McBrides' index to the Records of the Recorder's Office of Highland Co., OH, there are references to two properties purchased by Richard Wilbourn. The first one (p.44), from 1816, one hundred acres. This seems to have been sold shortly after purchase. The second was 1817 from James Hirons (Irons) and Margaret, his wife; James probably being somehow related to Richard's second "wife", Elizabeth Irons for seventy five acres.
Richard died in 1820. In a later court action, his son, Lewis, stated that Richard was around 105 at the time of his death, the 1820 census of Highland Co. Ohio, taken shortly before his death supports this claim. Lewis' suit listed Richard's surviving children as William Wilburn of Giles, VA, Stephen Wilburn of Claiborne TN and Lewis and Robert of Carter, KY....and two of Richard's grandsons, Randolph and Russell Wilburn of Highland County.
This Lewis Wilburn, of Carter Co. Kentucky, claimed that the woman, Elizabeth Irons Wilburn, had never been legally wed to his father. Lewis claimed that she had taken advantage of Richard's feeble mind and influenced him to make her his sole heir in 1819. (The will was not probated until 1830 -McBrides' will book, p.13). He also believed Elizabeth had sold some of the property in an attempt to prevent the rightful heirs from claiming their inheritance.
***75 acres sold -McBrides, pp 227-228-: "Elizabeth Willburn to Jane Hubanks, wife of Anthony Hubanks, 75A., formerly owned by Richard Willburn."
Upon her death, Elizabeth's heirs, Anthony and Jane (Irons) Eubanks, the granddaughter of Elizabeth Irons, inherited her remaining property.
Lewis lost the court suit. Subsequently, for over one hundred and fifty years, this land was known as the Eubanks Farm. Cemetary on the farm has this stone partially intact EUBANKS, Jane, wife of Antony, d. Feb 19 (year missing), age 23 years - 3 months - ? days

Stephen Wilburn
Stephen Wilburn born in abt 1766 Virginia. He is listed in the1808 tax records in Hawkins Co, TN and the 1820 Giles. Va census show him living there with one other male in the household He married the daughter of of John (or Joseph?) Wallen. Her name was Morning and she was 21 years younger than Stephen. (TL NOTE probably a 2nd marriage for him but no records ) However, Stephen appears to have outlived her and in 1850 (census records) show him living with his youngest son, Claiborne Wilburn , in Hancock TN Stephen and wife and children were recorded along with birthdates in a Family Bible now in possession of genealogist William Yates. According to Yates, Bible was carried from Hawkins TN to MO by 1855.

Elizabeth Wilburn (b November 25, 1804 Giles Co., VA – d 1873 Laurel Co., KY)
Elizabeth married Eli T(h)ompkins about 1820. He divorced her in 1840. (see the Hot Grandma story). She married Dudley Faris – M. E. Tompkins married Dudley Faris in Laurel Co. the date is given is February 29(?), 1859, Witnesses were Burnetta Tompkins and Mary Tompkins.
Census July 20, 1860, Laurel county Kentucky, Page 102
Dudley Farris m 60 ky farm laborer
Elizabeth Farris f 55 ky
Viva Farris f 11 ky
Bernetty Farris f 18 ky

I do not know if Mr Faris died or if they also divorced because her will is written as
I, Elizabeth Thompkins (Tompkins) of Laurel County being of feeble health and advanced in years and being of sound mind and disposing memory and
desiring to make such disposition of my estate as seems to me justice do make and constitute this my last will and testament.
1. It is my will and desire that my daughter Nancy Morgan have one bee hive.
2. This my desire that my daughter Malinda Adams have one bee hive.
3. This my desire that my daughter Mary Thompkins have one bee hive.
4. This my desire that my grandson W. S. Turner have my red heifer calf and bed clothing, bedstead. . (TL NOTE this is Wm Sherman he was only about 4 yrs old)
  1. It is my desire that my daughter Burnetta Turner have one bee hive and all the rest of my estate consisting of household and kitchen furniture and one brown milk cow 2 years old heifer, two head of sheep, and five head of hogs.
This is my will and desire that Robert Early be appointed Executor of this my last will and testament. It is my desire that this instrument be placed upon record in the Laurel County Court.
Witness my mark and signature this 25 of Aug, 1873.

Witness: W. E. Smith Elizabeth Thompkins mark
John Sparks State of Kentucky

Laurel County Court, Oct. two 1873, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Betty Thompkins was produced to court and by the oath of W.E. Smith subscribing who also attended the signature of John Sparks. Whereupon the same to record this day by: L. Ewell (probably *Logan Ewell) W. E. Smith

Side note of interest Elizabeth's uncle , Lewis Wilburn, was a neighbor to families of Nancy Morgan and Malinda Adams in 1860 Laurel Co., KY.

FAMILY PATH  Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn.

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