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Martin Coffey 1762-1867

   My Coffey family is very big in Russell County, KY. I have my line up as Bessie, E. Cordelia., Nancy, to Joel.
Joel Coffey was one of at least eight Joel Coffey's living in the Russell County area in the early 1800's.  There is no way that anyone will ever sort it out precisely.
   The Coffey researchers claim that my Joel is most likely the son of Martin Coffey.  There is a lot of information about him . I have combined and edited what I have found and included as much source info as I could relocate to post here I hope this gives you plenty of info to verify and perhaps find even more

  Please be sure to visit Coffey Cousins as well as Rootsweb and Fomily Search for much more.

 Birth      Sept. 15, 1762 - Birthdate of Martin Coffey, according to family records and Bible records   of  Albert Galatin Coffey and William Martin Coffey, two of his grandsons
 Place has been given as Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Kentucky.

Marriage #1
  ca 1782 - Married in N. C to Elizabeth Bronson, he was 20 and she was 17.
(This according to Nina Jean Coffey Deavers, great granddaughter of George A.C. Coffey)
 TL NOTE= other researchers have not found this record.

Marriage #2
  Aug.17, 1798 - Madison County, Ky. marriage records show Martin Coffey married to Nancy Phelps.
  permission letter to marry signed by Mary Phelps and  listed Phillip Phelps and Gary? Phelps
Bond was by  Shad Phelps (Shadrack Phelps, age 60-70 in Russell County, Ky. 1840 census.
 Possibly a brother of Nancy Phelps.)
   MORE About Nancy Phelps

FATHER OF Nancy Phelps
John PHELPS Birth: EST 1732 in Henrico Co., VA Death: 7 Aug 1798 in Madison Co., KY
   Mary Katherine LEGRAND Birth: 1735 in Scottsdale, Albermaire, VA
Father of John Phelps
WILL OF Thomas Phelps
 I, Thomas Phelps of Ablemarle County being weak in body but in sound mind and perfect memory...
bequeath to,,,,,
 I lend my loving wife Elizabeth Phelps During her widowhood all my whole Estate Real and personal
 my loving son Thomas Phelps three hundred acres on both sides of Bridle Creek ...
 my loving son John Phelps the plantation where on I now dwell & and the Island I now tend in
       and three hundred acres of on both sides of hunts Creek
my daughter Mary Patteson one Shilling Sterling.
grand Daughter Joyce Patteson and my grand son Peter Patteson Betwixt them both one childs part
all my Personal estate equally Divided among all my children Except my Daughter Mary Patterson
ordain my son Thomas Phelps and my son in Law Richard Givin to be execut
inventory for the estate of Thomas Phelps, Sr. was returned to the Albemarle County Court November 14th, 1751
         If this is the father of Thomas he did not mention Thomas , but there is a grandson John so this could be right.
Father of Thomas Phelps
John Phelps Birth: EST 1655 in Maryland Death: 1747 in Bedford Co., VA
 Marriage  Margaret TALBOT b: EST 1689
 "Goochland County Deeds and Wills," Virginia Land Records, from The Virginia Magazine of
Hist ory and Biography, the William and May Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly. Genealogical Publish ing Co.,   Inc., Baltimore, 1982, p. 80
   Will of John Phelps (x) sic, son John the use of the land where he son lives,
 and at his death to his heirs; also one negro; to son the use of the land where James Stratford
 lives and at his death to heirs, and also 6 negroes, also 500 acres on Fleamon's Creek, 560 and also l
and testator lives on (after the death of testator's wife), negroes &c; to grandson John Phelps 54 acres  and one negro; to grandaughter Mary Phelps , one negro; grandaughter Sarah Phelps, one negro; 3 negroes for her life and then to son William, the use of plantation where testator lives, &c, &c; the negroes given to grandchildren to be in the care of Wm Phelps. Sons Samuel and William executors.       Dated February 14, 1747.

Marriage #3 Nancy HERIFORD (Hansford) b: 1793 in Jamestown, Russell Co., KY
Married: 1 Dec 1817 in Wayne County, KY  Justice of the Peace. Bond dated December 1, 1817. ( Research by David Coffey)        Surety by Thomas Back. Marriage by W. Barnes,
 * Wayne County marriages by Bork lists the bride's name as Nancy Hansford but the name could be Heriford.  A  Andrew Herriford was shown on a delinquent tax record.

  These are most likely a younger Martin but are listed on some researcher trees
Possible 4th wife:
Nancy Cundiff, 07 DEC 1825 , Wayne, KY (LDS - individual records)
Possible 5th wife:
Mary McGuire, 05 OCT 1830 , Russell, KY (LDS - individual records)

These are supposed to be Martin's Children
  With Elizabeth Bronson
    Mary Polly COFFEY b: AFT 1782 in North Carolina
    Lewis COFFEY b: AFT 1782 in North Carolina
    Elizabeth H COFFEY b: AFT 1782 in North Carolina
    Joel COFFEY b: AFT 1782 in North Carolina ** My line'***

  With Nancy Phelps
     Mary Ann (Polly) COFFEY b: 26 Sep 1799 in KY
     Martin COFFEY Jr. b: ABT 1800
     Elizabeth A COFFEY b: 11 Mar 1805
     (Infant Daughter) COFFEY
     Nancy Ellen COFFEY  b: 1813 in Wayne County, KY  **adopted**
     Artemasiah Coonis COFFEY  b: 1817 in Wayne County, KY *adopted*
     Joel Anderson COFFEY b: ABT 1818 in Russell County, KY
           ** TL NOTE this note about "Adopted" had no explanation
              and other researchers did not mention

  With Nancy Heriford
 Nancy Ellen COFFEY b: 1813 in Wayne County, KY  ** Cannnot be right ??
 Artemasiah Coonis COFFEY b: 1817 in Wayne County, KY
 James COFFEY b: 7 Sep 1818 in Jamestown, Russell Co., KY
 Francis COFFEY b: 1819
 Golson Wilson COFFEY b: 1822 in Wayne County, KY
 Andrew COFFEY b: 1824 in Russell County, KY
 (Infant Son) COFFEY b: 1825
 John C COFFEY b: 1828 in Jamestown, Russell Co., KY
1799 thru 1800 Green County, Ky. - Tax list
1802 thru 1807 Adair County Tax List  may not have moved because part of Green became Adair

February 26, 1809 - Wayne County, Ky., - William Ward and Polly Coffey married. Surety by Martin Coffey.   Parents consent by oath of Martin Coffey.
1812 - Wayne County, Ky. Court records - Martin Coffey fined $1.00 for rioting against
      John Waid and James Dean who were fined $2.00 each.

Notes contained in the records read as follows;
March 21, 1818, given under my hand, sir, I am consent to the marriage between Henry Meadow and Mary Coffey,     by Martin Coffey, witness Elisha Ballew.
       March 24, 1818 - Wayne County, KY, Polly Coffey married Henry Meadows.
               Marriage performed by William Scott. Surety by John Meadows.

Wayne County census - 1820
Martin Coffey - Head of household
2 Male children under 10 (James was 2)
2 Male children 16 - 26
1 Male 26 - 45
3 females under 10
2 Females 10 - 16
1 Female 16 - 26

June 28, 1821 - Wayne County Deed Book C, Pages 254 - 255:
          Indenture: James Jones to Martin Coffey....$80 for 40 acres granted to David Sheeks
       (Research by David Coffey)

March 11, 1822 - Wayne County Deed Book C, Pages 313 - 314: Indenture: Martin Coffey and Nancy, His wife,        to James McNeely...$200 for 50 acres being land granted to David Sheeks
       .Witness Rodes Garth, Ulyses Mills. (Research by David Coffey)

December 23, 1822 - Wayne County Court records show Martin Coffey & William Scott bound unto George Mundy         for a judgement against Martin Coffey for $25. James Dean, John Meadows and Gholston Wilson were         summoned to speak on behalf of Coffey in a matter of controversy. Martin Coffey did not appear for  trial and he was ordered to pay said Mundy $25 plus interest from January 9, 1822 and the cost of    the trial of 64 1/2 cents.

December 7, 1825 - Wayne County, KY - Martin Coffey married to Nancy Cundiff. Surety was Benjamin Stokes.   Witnessed by Martin Coffey and Benjamine Stokes. believed to be a Martin Jr.

January 31, 1826 - Wayne County, KY - Elizabeth A. Coffey married Elisha Mitchell.
         Consent by Martin & Nancy Coffey. Bond & Minister missing from records.
        - January 31, 1826, Wain County. This is to sartify that my daughter is not of age and
         I am willing for her to have Elijah Mitchell. Given under my hand by Martin Coffey and Nancy Coffey,     witness Joel Coffey. TL NOTE Might be my Joel

August 29, 1828 - Will Book 1, Russell County - Martin bought at the estate sale of edward Long,
       one pair of hames (wooden pieces to a harness) .121 1/2 cents and three pewter dishes for $3.00.
      (*Research by David Coffey)

September 10, 1835 - Wayne County, KY - William Kelsey & Artemasiah Coonis Coffey married.
                     Surety, Martin Coffey

October 22, 1840 - Russell County, Deed Book C, Page 451 - Martin borrowed $187.50 from
          James Coffey using pigs, cows, furniture, etc. as collateral. (Research by David Coffey)

October 24, 1840 - Russell County, Will Book 1 - Estate sale of Jane Kean, Martin bought
            1 bed quilt for $2.121. (Research by David Coffey)

August 26, 1843/44 Russell County, KY, George M. Brown married Francis Coffey.
               Ceremony performed by Will Bernard.

January 2, 1847 Russell County, KY, Martin & Nancy Coffey sold land to Andrew Meadows for $200.

April 9, 1850 - Russell County,Deed Book E, Pages 215-216 - Martin bought land from Silas
                 Sutherland for $80. (Research byDavid Coffey)

 1830 Census - Russell Co., Ky
                  Martin Coffey *2 Males under 5 * 2 Males 5 - 10 * 1 Male 10 - 15
                                *2 Females 10 - 15*  1 Female 30 - 40
 1840 Census - Russell Co., KY
         Martin Coffey* 1 Male 10 - 15 * 2 Males 15 - 20* 1  Male 60 - 70
                      * 1 female 15 - 20  1 Female 40 - 50  -

CENSUS: 1850 Census - Russell County, KY
            #408 Coffey, Andrew 26 M Farmer Born Ky.
               , Sarah A. 23 F , John W. 5 M , James W. 9/12 M ,
                 Martin 82 M Farmer Born N.C. , Nancy 53 F Born Ky. ,
CENSUS: 1860 census #711 - Russell County, KY -
             Coffey, Martin 94 M Farmer Born Va. , Nancy 65 F Born Ky.
               TL NOTE if Martin died in November 27,1867 he could have been 101 yrs old
                        This date is said to be recorded  the bibles of grandson's
                        Albert Gallatin Coffey and William Martin Coffey

CENSUS: 1870 census - Russell County, KY -
          Brown, John S. 25 , Mary S. 22 ,
         Sarah 5 , Sheldon D. 3 , Edward S. 1 Coffey,
         Nancy 76      *John Brown is probably a grandson of Martin
            This is the last record we have found of Nancy.

on ROOTSWEB March 22,2013
  Author Patty Bates
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tree --Family Pieces - Bates/ Hoffman/ Ellsworth/Clapperton; Hafenfeld/Wiedman/Crosier/Brodrick
SOURCE ROOTSWEB  March 22,2013
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    Author Lindaway45
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       Compiled by Ethelyn E. Coffey
       107 Northridge Dr., Mt. Sterling, Ky.
  AND  one researcher gives these as some of her sources
        SOURCES: Title: Coffey Family Bibles Repository:
        Call Number: Media: Book
        Text:  Birth and Death dates from the Bible of Martin's grandson, Albert Galatin Coffey.
        * Title: Nina Jean Coffey Deavers Repository:
          Call Number: Media: Book
         Text: Information on Martin's 1st marriage to Elizabeth Bronson
        *Title: Census records, Family records & marriage records
        Repository: Call Number: Media: Book
         Text: The children's names and births were obtained from these
        sources Note: Census records, Family records & Marriage records.
       * Title: IGI Record - Film #1985568 Repository: Call Number: Media: Book
       * From the book "A Century of Wayne County, KY", Page 8:
United States Census, 1860," index, FamilySearch
( : accessed 21 Mar 2013),
 Martin Coffey, , Russell, Kentucky; citing p. 102, family 711;
NARA microfilm publication M653, FHL microfilm 803394.
FOLLOWING IS the "Martin" section of an abstract index
             created by Kevin Coffey and Fred Coffey 
             found at Coffey Cousin web site

     LFC:     Russell&Neighbors-CoffeyCousins.xls     
"Martin" Coffey  
 1802 1802 Adair Tax List 659
 4 Mar 1805 Adair Court Orders 1802-1808 659
1828 Russell Tax Books
 1829 Russell Tax Books
 1831 Russell Tax Books
 1833 Russell Tax Books
 1837 Russell Tax Books
 1838 Russell Tax Books
 1838 Russell Tax Books
 1838 Russell Tax Books
 29 Aug 1828 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
 30 Jul 1836 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
 24 Oct 1848 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
 16 May 1850 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
 16 May 1850 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
 14 May 1832 Russell Deeds 1828-1835
 11 Mar 1822 Wayne County KY Deed Books
 1 Dec 1817 Wayne County Marriages
 7 Dec 1825 Wayne County Marriages
   Martin (Black) 673 8 Jul 1837 Russell Will Book 1826-1854
   Martin B 577 1837 Russell Tax Books
   Martin Black 558 1836 Russell Tax Books
 444 1827 Russell Tax Books 746
 517 1833 Russell Tax Books 746
 536 1835 Russell Tax Books 746
 447 1827 Russell Tax Books 659
 466 1828 Russell Tax Books 659
534 1835 Russell Tax Books 659
 587 1837 Russell Tax Books 659

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