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Who was Ann Smith 1654?

While reading about my Thomas Wallen, I read  a claim he was involved with a pirate's widow. Naturally I had to know more. .
There was a Samuel Comstock , part owner of  a frigate, or barque,  called the Swallow.  This Comstock seems to have been involved in privateering.
"In the fall of September 1654, a Samuel Cromstock and Anna Tchuys were arrested and convicted in New Amsterdam, for adultery." Both were apparently already married.  There has been no marriage record found.  This is where the pirate story comes from though.  Others will need to determine if it is the same couple found at Providence in 1654, though the date overlap makes me believe not.
However, the Ann I am showing here does appear to be the Ann Smith, Thomas Wallen ran away with.

Samuel Comstock was in Providence, married to Ann -_____ *


Samuel Comstock bought house and lot in Providence from John Smith

Samuel Comstock has died. He and Ann have two sons, Samuel (Jr.) and Daniel
Ann married a John Smith. He was the son of John, the mason.* Town records call him Jameco
March 9 -John has died Town council took action about the estates of Samuel Comstock & John Smith, deceased,

April 27 -Ann Smith ,widow, ask the town to secure the inheritance of her son, John Smith.


April 27- Robert Colwell * became guardian of Margaret Smith, daughter of Jameco (John) Smith (and Unknown)

May 4 -Ann Smith sold house & home share of former husband, Samuel Comstock, to Roger Mowry

Dec. the said Tho:Walling being now departed the Towne;” Mary Wallen petitions for relief to take over the care of a young boy named "Ann Comstock's son" Daniel . the Towne shall from this day take care of the said Ladd” he was later apprenticed to William Carpenter
Mary Wallen asking for help again “Towne being doubful of the returne of the said Thomas Walling”


October Thomas Wallen indicted & fined 40 schillings Committing Fornication with Ann Smith, late of Providence ( this may be Boston area)


October Thomas Wallen indicted “that he did Asault beate and Wound Robert Colwell”


May- Mary Walling & children “left destitute by the sayd Thomas Walwin who is supposed to be run away with Robert Colwell's wife.
July- Court granted Robert Colwell's petition for divorce from Margret (White) Colwell
March 17 -John Smith petitions for his inheritance from his father John Smith's, ” sometime knowne by the name of Jameco” estate. John sold the 25 acres to Samuel Comstock

* there was charge of adultery between a Samuel Comstock with Ann Tuchys but not clear if this was the same pair.

*John Smith ,the mason ,father of Jameco, bought land from Thomas Wallen
* Could Robert Colwell be related to the first unknown wife of John "Jameco" Smith?

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