Friday, January 13, 2012


Today,there was a story about some Marines who had allegedly misbehaved.
A comment made about the standards Marines are supposed to strive for  led me to searching out the word oath on my computer.
Here are some that I found

1639, the Freeman's Oath ( swearing allegiance to the colony)
    "I, _____, being by God's providence, an Inhabitant and Freeman within
the Jurisdiction of this Commonwealth: do freely acknowledge myself to
be subject to the Government thereof: And therefore do here swear by the
great and dreadful Name of the Ever-living God, that I will be true and faithful
to the same, and will accordingly yield assistance and support
thereunto, with my person and estate, as in equity I am bound!
 and will also truly endeavor to maintain and preserve all the liberties and privileges
 thereof, submitting myself to the wholesome Laws and Orders made and established
 by the same. And further that I will not plot or practice any evil
against it, or consent to any that shall so do; but will timely discover
and reveal the same to the lawful Authority now here established for the
speedy preventing thereof.  Moreover, I do solemnly bind myself in the sight of God that when I
shall be called to give my voyce touching any matter of this State in
which Freemen are to deal, I will give my vote and suffrage as I shall
judge in mine own conscience may best conduce to tend to the public weal
of the body. So help me God in the Lord Jesus Christ."
(TL NOTE Abbotts, Wallen, Warren, Church, Sprague are some that were here for this)

1775 Oath of the Continental Army
   "I _____ have, this day, voluntarily enlisted myself,
as a soldier, in the American continental army, for one year, unless sooner
 discharged: And I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules
and regulations, as are, or shall be, established for the government of the said Army."
(TL NOTE Turner family fought on both sides in this war)

1862 Military Oath (Union)
    "I,________ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have never borne arms a
gainst the United States since  I have been a citizen thereof; that I have
 voluntarily given no aid, countenance, counsel, or encouragement to persons
 engaged in armed hostility thereto; that I have neither sought nor accepted nor
attempted to exercise the functions of any office whatsoever under
any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States;
that I have not yielded voluntary support to any pretended government,
authority, power, or constitution within the United States, hostile or
inimical thereto. And I do further swear (or affirm) that, to the best
 of my knowledge and ability, I will support and defend the Constitution
of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will
bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this
 obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose
 of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties
of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God."
 (TL NOTE At least 3, Turner, Johnson, Gregory fought Union side)

1865 Virgina Confederate Soldier & Supporters
Oath of Allegiance to The United States of America
   I___  do solemnly swear in the presence of Almighty God,
that I will henceforth support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the
United States and the union of the states tunder ; and that I will in like manner
 abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made
during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves.
I do solemnly swear, that I will uphold and defend the Government of Virginia as
 restored by the Convention which assembled at Wheeling on the 11th day of June, 1861.

I can not help but wonder how any of my grandfathers would view these Marines .

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