Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast of Ancestors

Like so many people my New Years Resolution, Diet
Today that little bowl of oatmeal is less than appetizing so I had to wonder,
what did the ancestors eat?  I am currently working on many the mid 1800's
 so that is today's search

 1853 breakfast menu suggestions in a cookbook
 Hot cakes, cold bread, sausages,
 Hot bread, cold bread, chops, omelet.
 omelet, a nice hash, fried potatoes
 Corn bread, stew, Boiled eggs.
 And the morning cup of coffee cost 12-18 cents a pound
 By 1861 the price would rise to  15-20 cents/lb

People  apparently ate a hardy breakfast, a large lunch ,  a mid afternoon tea or snack
and / or light supper( most likely leftovers in some form)
 the suggested tea menu found was a bread and either stewed fruit
 or oysters or fish

Breads seem to have been mostly some type of cornbread or corn base pancake.
Desserts were seldom made with sugar but more likely honey or sorghum molasses.
My "Hot Grandma" Elizabeth kept several bee hives, be sure to read her story.

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