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Mystery Meeks Family Part one

This Family has made me crazy for years -   My ggg grandfather James Meeks apparently used the name Harris for quite a while in his youth   That is the name he gave when he married and was even listed on death certificate as "Meeks alias Harris"  also Charley Harris is named as his father and simply "Meeks" as mother
His brother Thomas has father unknown and Martha Meeks as mother. I have not yet located any records of  the oldest son Jackson beyond the 1870 census .  What I have tried to do is gather bits and pieces as I have seen them in the hope that it will someday  it will all "Click!"  So far , nothing.
Here are some of the notes- they may or may not be accurate, many are message board post.  My line is Martha to James to Wm "Paps" to Bessie. any other mentions that say "My" or  "I" are probably someone else's statement
...........MEEKS NOTES .....................................
THESE ARE NOTES FROM OTHERS trying to figure out their own MEEKS problems

Given Name: Samuel  Meeks
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1788 in Tennessee/ North Carolina
 Father: Asa MEEKS b: 1771   Mother: Rachel WILLIAMS b: 1780 c: 1829
Marriage 1 Polly Ann BERTRAM b: 1825 in Wayne County Kentucky
Married: 13 Jan 1845 in Wayne County,Ky
= there was a Sam Meeks that was involved in some way during the Civil war
F Co. 11th Cav. Reg. Ky. Pvt. (Morgan's Raiders, under General John Hunt Morgan).
and I think he died at  prison camp called Camp Douglas in Illinois
(some try to say it is older Sam Meeks but he would have been well into his 79's when the war started
and the younger Sam apparently married because I found this about him
  " Anderson HARRIS, all we know is parents were from Va.. He was in Kentucky
and served with Co.F   with the 11th Kentucky Cavalry as a Private.
He married Anna S. HORTON   12/01/1847 in Garrard Co. Ky.
and had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth HARRIS
who was born Jan. 1849. She married on 03/22/1870 in Madison Co. Ky.
 to Samuel MEEKS, son of Samuel MEEKS and Polly Ann BERTRAM,
of Wayne Co. Ky.. I'm looking for information on both HARRIS, ANDERSON,
and HORTON. Thanks, a lost cousin, Kathleen  "

 Samuel Meeks July 27-1845 Wayne KY  died may 6 1925 Harrison KY
Father Samuel Meeks TN  \Mother Vian Bertram Meeks TN
Samuel Meeks is from Tennessee County, North Carolina. Which is misleading
because the county itself is just south of Wayne Co., KY. Tennessee wasn't
a state until after Samuel was born. It was called North Carolina back then.
Issac ( ? Think this is Denny) went to Kentucky where he married Patsey Meeks whose family also came
from South Carolina. Patsey was the daughter of Priddy Meeks. Priddy and his sister, Sarah Meeks
 and her husband, Paul Meachum were involved in transporting and freeing slaves from the Carolinas to Indiana
in the early 1800’s.
The Meeks family traces back to William Meeks of co. Westmoreland, England, who immigrated to
 Hanover County,Virginia. The family is recorded on the tax list at Middle Plantation ,
 Virginia in 1646- 8 Pride Meeks, son of William and Molly (Nolan) Meeks, married Elizabeth Denny.
The Denny family migrated from Albemarle County, Virginia. (TL NOTE my Thomas Meeks married a Nancy Denny)
19 Oct 1876 Zachariah Hampton     married             Susan Meeks
19 Oct 1876 Res. WCK age 57 4th m blacksmith      Res. WCK age 53 1st m
b. RCK; pb RCK                b. unk; pb unk      Susannah?
bond: Zachariah Hampton and Elijah McDaniel
AND THIS might be a hint
 about missing unknown father of the three boys or the missing Meeks brother Jackson
"and somewhere in there was a Meeks who was a RIVERBOAT PORTER, he was supposed to be
a blacksheep of the family and apparently spread the family name up and down the river -
don't know which river."
   Elizabeth was married to Hiram Meeks.
 George Baldwin Meeks lists her as his mother on his marriage certificate to Nannie Johnson:
   James C. Meeks also lists her as his mother - under her nickname, "Bettie" - on his marriage
certificate to Allie Johnson:
   However, Samuel Lathiat's older sister, Sophrona, lists her father's name as "Hiram Meeks"
 and her mother's name as "Jane Meeks" on her marriage certificate.
and here is ANOTHER
 On Samuel's Marriage Certificate he states his mother's name is "Catherine Meeks".
On Fronie's Marriage Certificate she states her mother's name was "Jane Meeks".
On James C.'s Marriage Certificate he state his mother's name was "Bettie Meek".
On George's Marriage Certificate he states his mother's name is "Elizabeth Meeks".
And as of 1892, Hiram and Elizabeth were still alive and living in Wayne Co., KY.

1900 Pulaski Co., KY Census Point Precinct:
#132. Meeks, King Head 2/56 M KY KY KY Day Laborer (TL NOTE Could this be missing King Soloman?)
Mary Wife 3/52 M 11 KY NC AL
Etta J. Dau 7/93 S KY KY KY
William M. Son 8/95 S KY KY KY
Rebeca Mother 2/29 S KY KY KY
#133. Meeks, High Head 3/35 M KY KY KY Day Laborer
Easter E. Wife 3/39 M8 KY KY KY
Fronie Dau 5/75 S KY KY KY
Samuel Son 4/79 S KY KY KY
Sallie Dau 12/80 S KY KY KY
William Son 12/85 S KY KY KY-----
.Hiram's(MEEKS) birthday is sometime in March of 1838, and he was still alive in
> 1900, in Burn Town, as was Elizabeth. Elizabeth also was born March,
> 1839, and went by the name "Easter E." Meeks on the census. Hiram went
> by the name of "High." He was a day laborer - occupation unspecified.
> Hiram, Easter, my great grandmother Sallie - all but one child - Samuel
> - could read. Samuel could read, but he could not write.
> If I remember correctly, my great grandmother Sallie traveled quite a
> bit before she passed away 22 October 1958.........


  1. I have been working on my family research since 1979, so what I have is based upon actual documentation I have not any computer related searches which rely on other's work id only for transciption. I say this, because these are the provable facts that I have. Any additional information that can be proven through documentation would be appreciated.
    Samuel Meeks was born July 28, 1846 at Wayne County, KY (per his own statement when applying for a pension for service in the Civil War (CSA)) His death certificate gives a different date which is given by his son John Meeks, therefore, I accept the statement of Samuel Meeks himself. He was the son of Samuel Meeks and Polly Ann Buttram who were married in Wayne County, KY 13 Jan 1845. Samuel Meeks, the younger, fought for the CSA having enlisted in Monticello, Wayne Co, KY and was part of the 11th KY Cav, Co. F. He was part of Morgan's Raiders and was captured and spent time at Camp Chase, Camp Douglas, and there is a reference to Point Lookout, Maryland. He was released near Amhurst, VA. He did not die during the period of the Civil War. (per his military records, his Pension Application to the Commonwealth of Kentucky for his service for the CSA, per his death record, obituary, marriage record, notices in the local paper about reunions of Morgan's Raiders which in some cases are accompanied by pictures, and the picture of him holding my mother in 1924) We can put that behind us...cont

  2. He died of natural casuses while a passenger in a car driven by my grandfather on 06 May 1925. He was in the back seat of the car which was on the south side of Lair Hill near Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky when the car got a flat tire. At that time it was noticed that Samuel Meeks was deceased. Samuel Meeks was married on 22 Mar 1870 in Madison County, Kentucky to Sarah Elizabeth Harris 'Sallie'. (per the marriage record)
    The children of Samuel Meeks
    1.Nannie Meeks b. 15 Jan 1870 She was never married and did not die in 1905 as she died sometime before 1900.
    2.Harris Meeks 23 Apr 1872 - 24 Jan 1939. married Tabitha Elizabeth Price
    3.May Fightmaster Meeks (male) 20 Mar 1873 -01 Oct 1948 married Mattie Field White
    4.Mattie C. Meeks 28 Nov 1875 - 16 Dec 1941
    married Harry Leeds, Nathan Hubbard, Albert Williams
    5.Judith Meeks 22 Mar 1877 - died between 1900 and 1910. married Henley Clay White
    6. Anna Lee Meeks 10 Dec 1878 - 18 Apr 1969 married John Bernard Kuethe, James Clive Eldred
    7. Charles Anderson Meeks 18 Oct 1881 - 18 Mar 1965 married Lucinda Terry Burton
    8. Carrie Kavanaugh Meeks 21 Mar 1882
    -19 Oct 1954 married Walker Leslie West
    9. John Duncan Meeks 15 Mar 1883 - 05 Oct 1945 married Etta Margaret West
    10. Sarah Elizabeth Meeks 'Sallie' 17 Sep 1888- 01 Dec 1942 married Fredrick M. Titta
    11. Samuel Meeks 17 Mar 1889 - 02 Jun 1964
    married Mary Elizabeth Rhodus
    These are the oly children (per the birth register page of the Bible of Samuel Meeks and Sarah Harris that I have, death records, cemetery records,etc)

  3. Samuel Meeks (the elder) born 1788. He was illiterate and in 1850 did not know his place of birth. In 1860 he gives it as Tennessee. I have also seen records which have given it as Kentucky and Virginia. He was NOT killed during the Civil War and did not serve and was not sent to a prisoner of war camp. One very badly written book mistakenly states that Samuel Meeks of the 11th KY Cav died in Camp Douglas. The 11th KY Cav was formed in Madison County, KY and only about 8 men joined up when that unit was based in Monticello. One of these was the younger Samuel Meeks, who I hope I've shown did not die during his time in captivity. Samuel Meeks (the elder) would have been around 75 years old at the time and as he had already given up his children because of his inability to care for them, I doubt that he went marching off to war. Additionally, there is not one record that I am aware of that suggests he did. Wayne County, also has a great deal of pride in their soldiers and they have nothing that lists him as having served either. His wife: Polly Ann Buttram She was born ca. 1824 in Kentucky, the daughter of Emsley Buttram and Elizabeth Chriswell. There is no date of death for her. I have seen many people list her date of death as 1855??? The only possibilities I have seen are that a Mary Ann Meeks is listed in the 1860 Mortality Schedule (Polly usually is a nickname for Mary, but NOT ALWAYS) I'm not ready to just grab the first possibilty. Also, in the Wayne County, KY courthouse there is a pretty numerous file which gives details in Samuel Meeks (the elder) all but giving up his three children as he could not take care of them. This took place after the 1860 Census and it would therefore be unlikely that if Polly died in 1855, that he would have held on to them that long as the children would have actually be easier to care for and more help as they matured. Although unlikely, there is always the possibility that she just left. There is nothing that I am aware of that either says she is dead and when she died. (per paperwork at Wayne County KY courthouse re: children of Samuel Meeks, Census records, mortality schedule, the pictures of who Samuel Meeks the younger referred to as his foster parents formerly held by Agnes Kuethe Peterson, etc)

  4. Known children of Samuel Meeks and Polly Ann Buttram (of there were others they either died at a very young age or were not living in the same household in 1850 and 1860 (per Census Records):
    1.Samuel Meeks (information above as Samuel Meeks the younger)
    2. King Solomon William Meeks ca 1850 - (?)
    married Leander Arthur.
    3. Vianna Meeks 15 Jul 1854 - 01 Apr 1923 married Theophilus Pennington
    The children can be verified by the abovementioned court documents on file at the Wayne County, KY courthouse. King and Vianna may sound like odd names, but in that area and with the families with the surname Meeks they are not. There is nothing that can confirm which of the two King Meeks is the one who died in Pulaski Co. KY. Although Vianna Meeks Pennington has a death certificate with incorrect information, her children's records list her correctly as Vianna Meeks. My grandfather would speak of Uncle King Meeks of Burnside, KY. and Clay Meeks...that is all I have to go on)
    Samuel Meeks (the elder). I refer to him as that because I have seen nothing that would indicate who his parents were. He could have a father named Samuel. I have seen people list Adam or Asa and some other names for his parents. Any of the one's listed on other's charts would require that both parents be under 10 years of age at the time Samuel Meeks (the elder) was born. Not likely. Also, with the family being illiterate and not land owners it is not likely that there are many documents out there pertaining to them. Meeks is not considered a Wayne County surname per the Historical Society and other surrounding areas need to be combed through. Also, it is possible, but not a given, that the elder Samuel Meeks had previously been married anywhere from once to who knows how many times. This is not proven fact, just things to think about.
    A quick note about Emsley Buttram and Elizabeth Chriswell. Someone got the idea that Emsley Buttram was married twice and had a middle intial of 'A'. Neither is the case. There are two Emsley Buttrams, however, they also appear in two Censuses at the same time in the same county. This person didn't bother to look at anything to closely. Emsley A. and Emsley Buttram are almost 15 years different in age. Emeley is married to Elizabeth Chriswell and Emsley A. is married to Nancy. Emsley Buttram was born in North Carolina and Emsley A. was born in Virginia. The differences are obvious. Emsley Buttram did not die in 1860 as he is alive and well in 1870 still living with his wife Elizabeth. Know clue where that one came from. Neither Emsley Buttram nor Elizabeth, his wife, appear in Wayne Co, KY in the 1880 Census. Also, other than the parents of Emsley and his paternal grandparents, anything else about the Buttrams and Pattersons is just conjecture. If the DAR won't asccept it, I certainly wouldn't. Elizabeth Chriswell: someone found a death record for a Margaret Redenhouse in Wayne Co., KY whose parents are listed as William and Elizabeth Chriswell and that she was born in Rowan Co., NC. Suddenly with no proof, William and Elizabeth Chriswell were crowned the parents of Elizabeth Chriswell Buttram. As there is not just one Buttram family in Wayne Co., KY, I didn't know that sharing a maiden name with someone automatically made them your sister. There is nothing that I have seen that indicates that Elizabeth and Margaret Chriswell are sisters and therefore that William and Elizabeth Chriswell are the parents of Elizabeth Chriswell. Genealogy can not be a guessing game or just a data entry job where information posted by strangers is taken as fact and entered.
    I have a lot of extranious information about the Meeks/Harris/West families that make some odd connections in Madison/Wayne/Pulaski Counties in Kentucky and several Missouri Counties. I personally can't determine the exact relationships and such, but am happy to brainstorm if someone has any ideas. Thanks.
    Gregg L. K. Leeser

  5. My husband has some Meeks in his family tree. He is descended from a Columbus C. Meeks, who was born abt 1831 in NC to a Mr. Meeks and Elizabeth Bryant. Elizabeth was born abt 1831 in NC. I have no other information on Mr. Meeks. Columbus did have 2 sisters named Miria & Helen. If you have any further information on this line, I would greatly appreciate it as I seem to be at a dead end.

  6. My husband has some Meeks in his family tree. He is descended from a Columbus C. Meeks, who was born abt 1831 in NC to a Mr. Meeks and Elizabeth Bryant. Elizabeth was born abt 1831 in NC. I have no other information on Mr. Meeks. Columbus did have 2 sisters named Miria & Helen. If you have any further information on this line, I would greatly appreciate it as I seem to be at a dead end.

  7. My 3rd grandfather is James Sears married to Anna Meeks. Other than her birth in 1775 & death in 1844 in Pulaski County, KY nothing more of her or her family is known. Another thing, don't really know if the name is Meek or Meeks. I have many sides of my family back to the 1600's, but this name of Anna Meeks has stumped me. Hope someone out there is more aware of her line than I, thank you in advance.

  8. My 3rd grandfather is James Sears married to Anna Meeks. Other than her birth in 1775 & death in 1844 in Pulaski County, KY nothing more of her or her family is known. Another thing, don't really know if the name is Meek or Meeks. I have many sides of my family back to the 1600's, but this name of Anna Meeks has stumped me. Hope someone out there is more aware of her line than I, thank you in advance.

  9. George Baldwin Meeks was my Great-Grandfather. I never knew him but I loved my Gran (Nancy Johnson). She dipped snuff and died when I was young. My Grandmother was (Edna) Edith Marsee; my Father was her son Donald Gene. I'm Mike.