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Thomas Wallen Sr. probate record 1680

This would be the first proven Wallen ( Walden, Walling)  the one I affectionaly call "Bad Boy" 
Daniel Abbott was his brother in law.  Many people presume Ralph Wallen was his father which would make the family techncially a Pilgrim Lineage  (Arrival on the first three ships is considered Pilgrim)
As far as I know, this is an unproven claim ,and I believe even unlikley.

The Enrolement of a Coppie of ye jnventory As ffolloweth
An Jnventory of ye Estate of Thomas walling of this Towne of providence Now Deceased.
 Three Cowes       10-10-00
 Two yovng bulls       03-10-00
 Three Calves       01-10-00
 Two horses        04-10-00
 Tenn Swine        10-00-00
 jn ye outer Roome of ye dwelling house   00 00 00
  Two iron potts       01-00-00
 one Bell mettle Skillett      00-02-00
 tinning ware       00-00-06
 Two ffrying pans       00-08-00
 One spitt & Two Gunns      01-18-00
 Earthen ware       00-02-00
 One Tramell & two hooks     00-3-06
 Two bibles, Two spinning wheeles, one P of Cards 00-14-00
 wooden dishes & Lumber     00-10-00
 Jn ye inner Roome      00 00 00
 One bed, & beding thereto belonging   03-00-00
 One Chest and what is in it     00-10-00
 home made Cloath, & one Lonthorne   01-10-00
 his wareing Cloathes      02-10-00
 One paire of bootes without Tops, one paire of shoes 00-15-00
 homemade yarne       01-10-00
 one P of Gloves, & Two P of Stockings   00-06-00
 homemade yarne       00-12-00
 Lumber        00-15-00
 [13]   Jn ye Leantoo     00-00-00
 Two Blanketts being homemade    01-15-00
 Three Sieves       00-03-00
 Lumber        00-12-06
   Jn ye Chamber     00-00-00
 Sheeps wooll, & Cotten wooll     01-08-00
 Jndian Corne & Cheese      00-13-00
 Lumber        00-10-00
   Jn ye Sellar      00-00-00
 One firkin of Butter      01-10-00
 One Tub & Two keellars      01-08-00
 One Churne, Two pailes, & one pigging   00-04-00
 Tallow & Candals       00-06-00
   Jn ye Sellar Chamber    00-00-00
 foure Barrels       00-12-00
 Sheeps wooll & Lumber      00-10-00
 One horse Cart & wheeles, with other horse Tack-
  ling to it       02-15-00
 all his working tooles      02-10-00
 One Saddle, one pillion, & one pannell   01-10-00
 Two Sithes, one P of horse ffetters plow & plow-
  Jrons        00-14-06
 The dwelling house outhouseing Land & medow
  there vnto Adjoyneing           100-00-00
 his Right of Commonning on ye East Side of ye
  foure mile Line Sett by the Towne   03-00-00
 his halfe Right of Commoning between ye Seaven
  mile Line 7 ye foure mile Line sett as afore-
  sayd        01-00-00
 His Right of Landes medowes, & commonning
 Lieing vpon ye west side of ye seaven mile
  Lione        05-00-00
 His Right of Landes wescodomsett    01-00-00
 The Sum totall if noe mistake in ye Casting vp is     171-07-00
    A ffaire prizall of what was made appeare vnto us to be the
 Estate of ye aforesayd Thomas walling now Deceased.
 Being Taken this Tenth day of August one Thousand Six hun-
 dred Seaventy and foure, by vs As wittnesse our handes
      John Smith
      John whipple junr
  The Enroled Coppie afore mentioned, was Endorsed As
 followeth              Cop P me John Smith Clerke
                    of ye Town of providence.
  Entered vpon Record ye first of june 1680:
  P Daniell Abbott Towne Clerke

FAMILY PATH  Turner to Tompkins, to Wilburn, to Wallen.

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