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Abbotts of RI

We don't know alot about DANIEL ABBOTT SR
from   The Great Migration Begins    Sketches PRESERVED PURITAN

REMOVES: Providence possibly in 1636, and certainly by 1639
FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 and admitted 18 May 1631 [MBCR 1:80, 366].
ESTATE: "Daniell Abott" (Sr.)was granted three acres behind the Pine Swamp in Cambridge on 5 January 1634/5 [CaTR 11].
His proportional rating in the division of Fresh Pond Meadow was 1/2 [CaTR 13].

 May 18 1631(or 1637 ?)
 Fined five shillings "for refusing to watch, & for other ill behavior showed towards Captain Pattricke"
[MBCR 1:87]; the fine was remitted in the general amnesty of 6 September 1638 [MBCR 1:243].
In the 8 February 1635/6 list of houses, Daniel Abbott appears with one house [CaTR 19].
   In the Cambridge land inventory on 10 October 1635 "Daniell Abott" held two parcels of
land: "one house with backside about half a rood"; and three acres behind the Pine Swamp [CaBOP 27].
These two parcels (owned house N. W. cor. Holyoke and Mount Auburn Sts.)were purchased by John Russell and appear under his name in the inventory of land carried out about 1639; the third parcel in Russell's  inventory may also have belonged to Abbott [CaBOP 60-61].

Marriage -  Mary-- ; according to the "Enroulments of Burialls" in Providence
"Mary Abbott wife unto Daniell Abbott of this town of Providence departed this life in the year 1643, or thereabouts"    [PrTR 5:203].
   On 20 May 1644 Daniel Abbott sold to Robert Morris five parcels of land in Providence: twenty acres upland, a share of meadow, sixty acres, another share of meadow, and a fifth parcel the details of which are no longer  legible [PrTR ]
 "Daniell Abbott Husband to said Mary departed this life in the year 1647" [PrTR 5:203]
 (*See TL NOTE 1)
  On 27 July 1650 Nicholas Power and Gregory Dexter were ordered to "take the goods belonging to the children of Daniel Abbot deceased into their hands & take notice of the goats, & also care of them, to see to the disposal  of them & bring in a list into the town, & record them" [PrTR 2:49].
22 January 1650/1 See Roger William letter to the Town of Providence (SEE Mary Abbott)

24 May 1673, a grant was made "unto Daniel Abott [Jr.]  and Thomas Wallin two lots together" [PrTR 3:244-45];   the combining of these two grants by the town may indicate that this was in fact a grant made in the right of the elder, deceased, Daniel Abbott, the grantees here being his son and son-in-law, and only known heirs. On 16 and 21 November 1685 two grants of land were made to Daniel Abbott "in the right of his deceased father 
 Daniell Abbott" [PrTR 14:186-87].   Although not recorded as such, Daniel Abbott  was a proprietor in Providence, for on 27 April 1680 the town   voted "that whereas there is no record in our town book now found extant that Daniell Abbott formerly inhabitant in this town of Providence, deceased, was an equal proprietor with the rest of the purchasers within the township thereof, though known to this town to be a purchaser with them. This town doth thereupon order & it is hereby
ordered that Daniell Abbott his son and heir by right of succession, be now recorded a purchaser in his father's room & stead" [PrTR 8:69-70].
In 1676 Daniel Abbott was  one the the Providence men "that stayed{staid} and went not away:" during what became known as King Philip's War .  Thomas Wallen was there also. It is a very interesting story I may try to include later 
 (*See TL NOTE-2)
 Daniel Abbott married Margaret White ,- he filed the following prohibition against her;
" Whereas my wife Margrett through her maddness of folly & turbulency of her currupt will, hath often threatened   to ruinate my family, routeing me (as she saith) of horse & foote, destroying me root & branch, putting out one of  her owne eyes to putt out both mine, & sett my house on fire: And is since deparated from me takeing away my Children  without my consent. And as I have been enformed, is now plotting micheife with wsome , of her turbulent Spiritt, that when I am absent from home to rifle my house & take away my goodes, to accomplish her Divelish resolution against me. These are therefore, not only to advise, but alsoe to charge all persons vpon theire perrill to forbare any such illegal proceedings, and alsoe do hereby foreworne & forbid allpersons whatsoever, to forbare bargaineing with, contracting of Debts, or receiveing any part of my estate of my sd wife Mrgrett without my approbation."l (Published 7 August 1683:)
28 January 1684: "These are to desire the Towne, that the within Written prohibition may be put upon the publick record of this Towne, And alsoe published in this Towne meeting." 
(*See TL NOTE-3)
 Apparently they must have settled their differences  somewhat because as his wife  she signed a deed dated in 1709;  and Margaret was mentioned in her husband's will in 1717 but Margaret's problems were not over yet. Late in the year 1717, Margaret filed a complaint against her son Daniel Abbott for relief:

"Upon the Cumplaint of Mrs Margret Abbott widow of Mr. Daniel Abbott deceased that shee wants Relief and being sensible that the sd Daniel Abbott her deceased husband left a compitent Esstate; sufficiant to releife his sd  widdow and being informed that his son Daniel Abbott administred upon sd Esstate and being also sum thing insable of the same where upon wee doe order as hereby it is ordered that the sd suruiueing Daniel Abbott shall  pay to the Relief of his mother the sd Margreet Abbott the sum of Eight Shillings per weeke curant money into the   hands of one of  the over seers of the poor of sd Towne except he prouide for her sum other way to her content  until sum further  order be taken."
(*See TL NOTE-4)

 Letter from Roger Williams to the town fathers of Providence, dated 22 February 1650/1.
It does not name Thomas Walling, but Williams knew of Wallings past:
 "I understand that an unknown age  one of the Orphanes of or dead freind Dan: Abbot, is likely
(as she herselfe told me) to be disposed of in mariage[.] Tis true that she is now come to some yeares:
But who knowes not, what neede the poore maid hath of yor fatherly Care, Councell & Direction: I would not  disparage the young man (for I heare he hath bene Laborious) yet with your leaue
 I must say I durst not, you will not give yor daughters in mariage to such those liues have bene in such
 course without some good  Assurance & Certificate of / his/ not being engaged to other women or otherwayes criminous, as allso of his Resolution to forsake his former course, least (this Jnquireie being neglected) The Maid & orselues repent when Miserie hath befallen her, & a just Reprove & charges befall orselues: of wch we haue no neede"[.]
   (* See TL NOTE 5)
  1 -Apparently the Abbots had no family on this side of the ocean because others were asked to handle their affairs. 
      I am guessing both children were so nearly adult age that they were able to take care of themselves in most matters.
      I have not seen any mention of guardians
   2- Daniel Abbott (Jr.) married Margaret White (Colwell,Walling)  in 1678. This is the same Margaret that had been publically  whipped for her affair with Thomas Walling(Wallen) prior to their marrage .
   3-Not sure but perhaps he was asking for a repeat publishing of the same statement? destroying root and
   branch what do you suppose that means? I am guessing a reference to male anatomy)
   4- I did not transcribe this passage & for some reason made a note of the fact but now can not remember  why,   I apologize to whomever did the work for not giving credit.
      I presume that Daniel III did not even want to speak to his mother if he was using the Overseer of the
     Poor to pass the money to her each week. If she was alive today, I wonder what the doctors diagnosis might be ?)
   5- I understand this to be asking the town to verify Tom is not engaged to any other women & that he truly intends to settle down.  Mary is mentioned several times in records after Thomas starts misbehaving -see his page.)
I beleive CaTR stands for Cambridge Town Records and PrTR stands for Providence Town Records but I am not sure

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