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Wallen, Ralph and Joyce

This couple might not be my relatives. There has never been any official paper connection of them to my relative "Bad Boy" Thomas Wallen.  There is however the proximity and the time which makes it possible they are related.  but I notice Tom never named a child Ralph or Joyce  which has made me speculate Ralph was pehaps an uncle or cousin so please note them as "MAYBE"  or "LIKELY" not certain. 

1595  presumed date of birth Ralph and Joyce
1623 married before arrival July 10th in Plimouth on the "ANNE"
1623 Ralfe Walen: received a small homesite in division of lands
1627 land division Ralph & Joyce in Eaton company
1627 Ralph & Joyce each given a single share apparently had no children as of June 1st
1633 Ralph on freeman list
1633  Ralph taxed 9 shillings March 25th
1633 "Goodwife Wallen" named as a guardian of Mercy Fuller July 30th (TLNOTE 1)
1634  Ralph sold acres to Thomas Clark for 20 bushels of corn & 40 shilling
1634  "Widow Wallen" on the tax list  ( TL NOTE 2)
1637  Ralph allotted mowing ground "where he had the last year"  March 20th
1638   Ralph acknowledged paid in full from Thomas Clark Feb. 2nd 
1639   Ralph's name  in list  with later annotation "dead"
1643  Ralph is not on list of all men 16-60 able to bear arms in August
1643 "Joyce Wallen Widdow" sold to Edward Bangs,"her house etc." sold
          September 7th
1645   "Joyce Wallen widdow" arranged to "winter her cow" March 3rd
1660  John Jenkens of Barnstable makes claim on property as "heire apparent of
          Ralph Wallen, Deceased.." June 9th     (TL NOTE 3)

           (TL NOTE 1) 1633 the term "Goodwife" is typically a single female head of a household &
           (TL NOTE 2)  "Widow Wallen" makes me wonder if there could have been some
           other Wallen family. Why else is there a Ralph in 1637 & 1638
           because even if it was a Ralph Jr. he would be no more than 10 yrs old (** see 1627)
          this again could support my Tom as a nephew to Ralph theory.
              (TL NOTE 3)   The most likely explanation for this is that Jenkens is married to Ralph's
           daughter & would have been the legal manager of  all his wife's property.
           This does not help to clarify the matter of any other children Ralph &
           Joyce may have had.  It only indicates that for whatever reason Jenkens did not
          expect anyone else would come forward to make a claim on the property.

Ralph & Joyce Wallen
This couple are presumed to be Ralph's parents
Ralph WALLING Sr 25   Marriage: Margaret LAWSON in 1587 in , Yorkshire, England
Ralph married Margaret LAWSON in 1587 in , Yorkshire, England. (Margaret LAWSON was born in , Yorkshire, England  Son Ralph went America
 TL NOTE 4 I have no idea where I found this -please proceed with caution

Ralph  born about estimated 1595  marriage latest was 1623 and probably deceased by 1639 up to 1644
Joyce born about estimated 1595  second marriage was 1644 to Thomas Lumbard/Lombard

 Ralph and Joyce sailed from port of London, arrived in Plymouth, Mass. on July 10, 1623  aboard the "Anne"   They were on the third ship of Pilgrims arriving at Plimouth. The "Mayflower" in 1620 and the "Fortune" in 1621 preceeded them. The arrival of the "Anne" and her sister ship, the "Little James" brought the total number of colonists to about 200. (The Anne and the Little James were classed as the last of the Pilgrim Ships.)
 **In 1627, a division of land and assets in Plimouth was made. Ralph and Joyce Wallen were assigned to the thirteen member Francis Eaton company. Their group was given "an heyfer of the last yeare called the white belyed heyfer and two shee goats." The documents were signed by Governor William Bradford, Edward Winslow, Nathaniel Morton, Nathaniel Clarke and Samuel Sprague. In 1633 the freemen of the Colony were listed and Ralph Wallen was on the list. He was on the Plimouth Colony tax list for 1632/33.(See *TL NOTES 5)
 In 1633/34 the name "widow Wallen" replaced her husband's on the tax list. Joyce Wallen continued to live in Plimouth until she sold her land on September 7, 1643. The will of Nicholas Snow who had come to Plimouth on the "Anne" with the Wallens gives the names of his neighbors: Ralph Wallen, Thomas Clarke, Manessah Kempton, Edward Bangs and the Hopkins family.
The will of Dr. Samuel Fuller on July 30, 1633 directs that "my daughter Mercy be and remaine to Goodwife Wallen". "Goodwife" was a term used for a single female head of a household.
(See *TL NOTES 6)

Ann, the first child of Ralph and Joyce Wallen, was born either at sea or shortly after their arrival, the story varies.  Ann married John Smalley, a tailor. The Smalleys moved to Eastham then to Little Compton, RI, then later to Piscataway, New Jersey. Thomas and Richard,  reptuted  to be the sons of Ralph and Joyce Wallen, moved to Providence, Rhode Island.

ESTATE: In 1623 Plymouth land division "Ralfe Walen" granted an unknown number of acres as a passenger on the Anne [PCR 12:6]. In 1627 Plymouth land division Ralph Wallen and Joyce Wallen were the ninth and tenth persons in the company of Francis Eaton [PCR 12:12]. In list 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:3].
   Assessed 9s. in Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 [PCR 1:10]. He was one of the purchasers [PCR 2:177].
   On 24 February 1633/4 sold to Thomas Clark, for twenty bushels of corn and 40s. in money, "so much land next adjoining to the said Thomas, on the south side of his dwelling, as maketh up a former moiety the said Thomas bought of the said Raph twenty acres," and also "one share of meadow ground belonging to the said lot when division shall be made thereof" [PCR 1:25].Also in  list of 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:53],  On 5 February 1637/8 "Raph Wallen acknowledgeth to have received of Thomas Clark £18, in full payment for the lands he bought of him" [PCR 1:76].
   On 20 March 1636/7 allotted mowing ground "where he had the last year" [PCR 1:57].and in list of "1639," with later annotation "dead" [PCR 8:174].
The Great Migration at Ancestry .com
Much of Wallen family information from "Elisha Wallen, the Longhunter" by Carolyn Wallin, wherein she cites many sources
TL NOTES 4 I read it was half a cow per person so one cow was two people only
TL NOTES 5 I think this Sprague is a relative on Lord side
 TL NOTES 6  I read that "Bad Boy" Tom  was caught near where Joyce was living which led the writer to   surmise he may have been heading to a familiar area, again not proof just theory, of the relation to Ralph and Joyce


  1. I am also a "theoretical" descendant of Ralph and Joyce. Ralph> Thomas Sr.> Thomas Jr.> Elisha Sr.> Thomas >William Sr.> William Jr.> Jesse B.> William M.> Oliver Morton> William Jesse> Robert Leroy Wallen, my father.

    Nice to meet another Wallen researcher/geneablogger!

  2. I think you have created a very good site and I find very few items that I take exception to. I am from Elisha SR>Joseph>Susannah thru first husband John Herd. I have been working on this for 40 years and would appreciate talking to you by e-mail about some items.
    Diana Williams

  3. I would add about Ralph and Joyce, the fact that Plymouth would have been operating under British Law and thus primogeniture. That would mean that Joyce and then Mr. Jenkins could not have sold the land in their names if Thomas had been a son.
    If he had sold it to Joyce then that should have been on record.

  4. Great point Diana!! I really still believe Tom was Ralph's nephew, if related at all.