Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cost of good times in 1809

FIRST TAVERN RATES as established during the first court
of Knox county. KY  on June 23, 1809
Six shillings equals one dollar--three pence equals four and a half cents.
For wine by the gallon or less--6 shillings. ($1)
For rum or French Brandy by the gallon  or less--6 shillings. ($1)
Whiskey by the gallon or less--12 shillings.($2.)
Gin by the gallon or less--24 shillings. ($4)
Cordial by the gallon or less--24 shillings ($4)
Brandy made of Peaches by the gallon or less--($2.66)
For a warm dinner, supper or breakfast--1 shilling /6 pence. (abt 24 1/2cents)
For a cold dinner, supper or breakfast--1 shilling. (abt 17cents)
For a horse standing at hay or fodder for 12 hours--1 shilling /6 pence.(abt 24 1/2cents)
Corn or oats by the bushel or smaller quantity--6 shillings ($1)
Lodging per man for one night--6 pence. (9 cents)
These prices were determined by the court which basically was town board and court in one. I was surprised they bothered to set prices til I  found this note from a Revolutionary War soldier talking about his pay for service
Job Broughton, rank Private.,
"For my services as a minute man I was promised $8 per month, full rations for myself and my wife. The rations got best, as for the money I never got it, and if I had it would have taken
$500 to buy a half pint of whiskey."  (TL NOTE no mention made about when he was interviewed but  it must have been after 1809 since the court was still using shilllings and he said dollars)

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