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Marmaduke Kimbrough

Seriously, who would not love to claim a relative name Marmaduke.  This man married a great aunt of mine about 1760 in NC.  He was a very well to do gentleman and he was great friends with my uncles, even making them guardians of his children ( see the will)  Now, Marmaduke died before the war broke out ( ""thereafter killed by a falling tree" ) and as in many families there was apparently a difference of opinions of which side to take in the batlle.  Because my uncles chose  the Tories , the second husband of their sister Mary moved to remove them as guardians and I presume this also prevented further duties as executors of Marmaduke's estate.,  because they had "removed and attached themselves to the Enemies of the U S by  taking up arms against same and not having discharged trust reposed in them by Testator." They were replaced by Joseph Williams
   I read that John Kimbrough, Marmaduke's eldest son by his first wife, was also a Tory, so I have personally always presumed that Marmaduke might have also sided with the Loyalist , if he had lived but who knows. I have always questioned why Mary chose a man that was obviously against her brothers was it a matter of her heart or something else.  It was a difficult time for all ,
I am certain
Will of Marma Duke Kimbrough
In the Name of God Amen I Marma Duke Kimbrough of Rowan County in the Province of North Carolina, Being in Health, and of Perfect Sense and Memory,  do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, and do dispose of all my Real & Personal Estate in manner & Form following Viz.,
Imps., I Give and Bequeath unto  my Son John Kimbrough, The Lands, whereon he now lives, Called Uwarry, likewise The following Negroes,
 Viz. Matt, Dick, Bob, Reuben, Dave, Absalom, Moss, Jane, Sett, Amy, & Setts child called Ida,
Together with what of my Estate he hath  already Reciev'd to him and his Heirs For Ever.
Item, I give and Bequeath unto my son Orman Kimbrough-the place whereon I now live, called the Shallow Ford, together with Two  improvements of Land adjoining the aforesaid Tract to him and his heirs For Ever
Item, It is my desire that the Tract of Land purchas'd of Thomas Bryan lying on Deep Creek, likewise the Tract of Land purchas'd of  Thomas Turner near the Shallow,___w may be Sold, and the Money arising therefrom, to be Laid out in Lands, to the best advantage,
 at the discretion of my Good Friends, my Executors, hereafter mentioned, and the Lands so purchased to be Equally Divided amongst, (The Following) My Beloved Wife Mary Kimbrough, my son George Kimbrough, my Son Golman Kimbrough, & my Daughter Anna Kimbrough to them
& Their Heirs For Ever,
Item, It is my desire likewise that the following Negroes Viz. Dick junor, Sam, Ceazor, Hannah, Rachel, be Equally Divided amongst my
 Beloved Wife Mary Kimbrough, my Son George Kimbrough, my Son Golman Kimbrough, my Son Orman Kimbrough, & my D_aughter Anna Kimbrough,
 by my Executors, whenever they shall come of Age, To them and their Heirs For Ever, -----
Item, It is my desire likewise that all my Just Debts be paid out of the out standing debts due to me, and the Rest Remaining, Together  with the Rest of Personable Estate to be Equally Divided amongst my Beloved Wife Mary Kimbrough, & her children above mentioned,  Observe that this now mentioned is not part of the legacy to my Son John Kimbrough which is first mentioned, and I do constitute and
 appoint my Beloved Friends, Roger Turner Junr. & Elias Turner, my Executors to This my last will and Testament, Revoking all other  Wills by me formerly made. In witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & Seal  This Twenty Second day of October, One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Eight -----

Mar.'d Kimbrough
Sign'd Seal'd & publish'd
In presence of -----
Samuel Mosby
Elias Turner
James Forbis
(Marmaduke Kimbrough Will, Augt. Term 1769)
(Registered in Book B. Pages 158 & 9)
Courtesy of Susan Meier

Kimbrough /Turner  Children Notes
Anna Kimbrough
was born on October 27, 1761, in Rowan County, North Carolina. LDS files say she married Wyatt Garner in 1780  in Rowan County. (Can't find record in Rowan County) Anna and Wyatt  said to have had had 6 children.  Several of the land transaction of the Kimbroughs mention Wyatt Garner  including and one  on the Shallowford of the Yadkin River in 1783, that says  land is adjacent Wyatt Garner. Wyatt undoubtedly died in the late 1790's. Anna may have married William K. Jones in Surry County on October 16, 1815.

will filed in Surry co. NC
The will of George KIMBROUGH [2] names: (written 31 October 1844; proved Surry County, NC, August Term, 1846) abstract of names
"George L., Rebecca and Sarah Kimbrough the children of my deceased son Orman"
"my son John" "the children of my said son John" "the children of my son Marmaduke Kimbrough"
"my daughter Catherine Howard...I have paid debts both for her and Philip Howard"
"my daughter Anna Jones...her husband Spencer Jones" "my daughter Mary Welch" "my daughter Rebecca Brock"
Executors: "my son John Kimbrough" and N. L. Williams Witnesses: John A. Lillington, George Carver
George's son Marmaduke had the nickname,"Hollowfoot Duke"

Goldman Kimbrough was born on June 1, 1766, in Rowan County, North Carolina.Goldman was ready to start a family.  He married Mary "Polly" Allen on March 18, 1792, in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Thomas Allen was bondsman. Mary was the daughter of Richard Allen, and the first Sheriff of Wilkes County in 1778 and Rev War veteran.  In her father's will, proved  in Wilkes Co., 1770, he names daughter Mary Kimbrough, and seven other children. The family  moved to Maury Co., TN about 1813,
and on to Franklin Co.,, AL in 1817. He died in 1835 in Walker Co., AL at the age of 63.
Mary survived him. Only two sons are known at this time, Marmaduke and Goldman, Jr.
(TL NOTE On the 2 March (?year?) Thomas TURNER was one of the bondsmen for Richard ALLEN'S Sheriff's Bond (Wilkes Will Book 1, page 11)
Ormond was only about 18 months old when his father died. He married Elizabeth Davie of Surry or Stokes Co., \ Marriage bond No. 000145757, County of Surry, State of North Carolina was
issued Ormond and Elizabeth Davie on October 13, 1795. M. D. Kimbrough was the bondsman.
Elizabeth Davie was the daughter of James and Sarah (Hays) Davie. Elizabeth died on April 29, 1802, after having 3 children. Ormond's second wife was Mille Patillo from Scotland (family stories say the his children called her Aunt Milly and were fond of her) date of death of Ormond is placed at about 1818 based on a bill of sale dated January 1, 1819 signed by  George Kimbrough and Peter Clingerman as Administrators of the estate of Armon Kimbrough (sic).
 A Negro man, named Grand Peter, was sold at public auction to Benjamin Howard for $456 as part of the estate settlement.

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