Wednesday, December 14, 2011

John Shepherd (1734-1810)

The Shepherd family were first located in VA then moved to North Carolina.  The best,by far, source of information on the internet is . The man worked so hard you simply must visit.  Those here that are related to the Turner side should take a peek also because the Shepherds and Turners lived in the same area and some were even neighbors. I have found the names together on road work orders.
  John, our subject today, was born in 1734 VA and died 1810 in NC. The son of George Shepherd and  Elizabeth Mary Angelique Day (love that name!) He married a woman named Sarah, (TL NOTE her name may have been  either  Jennings or  Rash)  John was evidently quite successful as farmer as you can see by the bequest he left each of his family members.

named his wife Sarah and gave various amounts of money to each child to "make equal to the rest"
to Anne Viars, or her three daughters, - $90 to be divided between them;
(the only one with children mentioned in will-why? was she ill?)
to Susannah Vannoy - $160 -;
and to James - $10 -;
and to Lucy Pumphrey - $70 -;
to John Shepherd, Jr. - $130 -;
to Nancy McQuerry, - $90 -;
to Steven Shepherd - $80 -,
and to Lewis - $50 to make him equal
to the rest; and
to Sally Jennings - $127.50 -;
to Delpha Judd - $135 ;
and to Andrew Shepherd I have given $250;
the inventory
Will Book 2, p 308, excerpts below:
105 acres of land -50 acres of land --50 acres of land
2 negroes --4 horses and --various bond and IOU debts
 The complete will and inventory are at this site   reading the inventory is very interesting,  so please visit. 
Oh by the way this line is said to be related to  singer, guy named Waylon Jennings.  Have a good day!

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