Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Genealogy My goals

I have been collecting internet tidbits about my family since 1999.  Here I am nearly 12 years later with so many notes that I have decided  to share them with others.
  First I must confess that I started collecting with  absolutely no thought to violation of copyrights or even giving credit for hard work done., and for that I apologize. I never realized how much I would accumulate or that I would be unable to go back to the original sites where the information was found.  I will include any and all source material that I have but these many if not most of these sources were quoted by others, therefore I can not swear they are true or accurate.  I will be posting  only what seems plausible.  I am trying to include any side notes or my thoughts while reading the various sites. 
  The  journey started with a packet of pages sent to my mother by her cousin,
Zora Ethel Baker (1921-1989)  She had traced and recorded our Turner family to 1667 Thomas Susannah Turner.  When I purchased my first computer, I decided to buy a family tree program and enter it all so that her work would be preserved for the "Digital Age".  As I proceeded I expanded my original project to include an album to be shared with my family that included family photos to be presented at our family reunion in 2000., my millenium contribution.  Since then I have never stopped prowling the many websites that contain information that has so very often verified and enhanced the tree the magnificent Ethel Baker had laid out for me.  Over the years, I have been notified of several small errors in the work, but most have  proven to be my typograpical mistakes not hers.  She still has me in awe.
  The trees have been posted at Ancestry. com  &  Rootsweb. com  as Church Lord Smith Turner
and Tribal pages as  Smith and Turner History Tree   (
  I will try to post by various family names to make searches easier and more relevant.
  Please let me know if these pages are helpful to you.


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